Putter Grips

Best Putter Grips since 1925

The putter is used more than any club in the bag and finding the right grip is a critical element to building confidence and sinking more putts.” – Bob Lamkin

Determining the correct putter grip size and shape is a critical factor impacting performance on the green. Several aspects need to be considered, including hand-size, stroke mechanics, general pattern of misses, hand placement on the grip and more. Lamkin is dedicated to helping consumers sink more putts by providing options in different sizes, shapes and materials. This includes a range of models that feature traditional pistol and straight profiles in both rubber and polyurethane options. We have pioneered the Putter Grip Fitting System which is available a hundreds of retailers. Learn more about our solution here.

From SINK FIT to our Deep Etched lines, Lamkin makes the best putter grips in the industry. Regardless of how you grip the club or your putting stroke style, we have something in our line of golf putter grips that will have you draining more putts than ever before.