Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any tips or tricks to avoid the twisting of the grip during installation?

For grips like UTx, it is important that you use enough solvent to ensure a smooth fit. Also, slide the grip on slower than usual and adjust the grip as it went down the shaft to stop it twisting. This is easier than just pushing the grip all the way on and then fiddling to adjust the grip to make it straight.

For thermo-plastic grips, like i-LINE, it is critical that you allow 1-2 days drying time after the grips are installed. If you do have questions about installation, call a Lamkin Grips team member at 1-800-642-7755.

Which golf grips do tour professionals use?

Tour players typically select slightly firmer grips that take full advantage of their high swing speeds. Many Tour players also prefer a grip with a more aggressive, detailed surface pattern for increased grip traction. Lamkin Grips are currently used by dozens of players on the PGA TOUR, LPGA TOUR, NATIONWIDE TOUR, CHAMPIONS TOUR and EUROPEAN TOUR. Crossline, Crossline Full-Cord and 3GEN grips are the most popular Lamkin grips on Tour.

How does the weight of your grip affect the swingweight of the club?

The weight of the golf grip has a direct relationship on the swingweight of the club. The swingweight of the club in very technical terms is the measurement of a golf club’s weight about a fulcrum point which is established at a specified distance from the grip end of the club. In less technical terms, it is how the weight of the club feels when you swing it. The golf grip is important because a club is designed by the manufacturer to have a certain swingweight and a contributing factor of that is the weight of the grip that came stock on that club. If you change the weight of the golf grip to a lighter or heavier model from the grip that came stock on the club, the overall swingweight of the club will change.

What is the difference between a “round” grip and a “ribbed”?

Some models of Lamkin Grips are available in either round or ribbed models. A ribbed golf grip has a small ridge that runs the length of the inside of the grip. When the golf grip is installed there is a pronounced rib or “reminder” down the underside of the grip. The rib is sometimes referred to as a “reminder” because it reminds the golfer where to properly set his hands and fingers on the club. All of Lamkin’s ribbed golf grips are USGA compliant.

Is there anything I can do to make my golf grips last longer? Cleaning? Maintenance? Storage?

Like anything, the better a golf grip is maintained, the longer it will last. It is advisable to wash your grips with warm water and soap, then rinse them, or wipe them down with pre-moistened disposable wipes made specifically for grip cleaning. The nature of rubber and rubber compounds makes them susceptible to excessive heat and when they’re left in high or dry heat they can crack and dry out. It is recommended that you not leave your golf clubs in these conditions for extended periods of time whenever possible.

What size lamkin putter grip should I use?

More than any club in a golfer’s bag, the putter is the most personal. When you think of a putter, you think of feel. We recommend golfers take the opportunity to research and try all sizes and see what putter grip most comfortable for them.

I love to practice, but have some wrist and elbow pains. Are there any grips that will help reduce stress on my wrists and elbows?

All of Lamkin’s ACE 3GEN golf grips are excellent options for reducing stress on your joints. The R.E.L. ACE 3GEN features a very minimal surface pattern for increased comfort. The Crossline ACE 3GEN has a higher-traction surface pattern for slip-free control. If you’re a wrap user, Lamkin also offers the Perma-Wrap ACE 3GEN golf grip. The smooth surface and softer material make it an ideal choice for players who don’t wear a glove. Another option is the Lamkin arthritic grip. Its texture and size limit grip pressure for a much more comfortable playing experience for golfers with arthritis or serious joint pain.

What tips do you have to remove any soil buildup from dirt and perspiration?

When needing to remove dirt or residue while on the course, simply use a damp towel or grip-specific pre-moistened, disposable cleaning wipe to clean off your grips. If you are using a damp towel, make sure you dry your grips thoroughly with a clean, dry towel. When not playing, water, soap, then rinsing and drying with a clean towel will be the best option.

How often do tour pros change their golf grips compared to amateurs? What is the general rule for recreational players to follow to re-grip with lamkin?

Tour players are offered the luxury of changing their golf grips as often or as little as possible because of the weekly availability of manufacturer’s trailers at each event which stock each player s grip of choice. Amateurs, however, must decide which grip they want, source the grip and then find a place to have it installed when they are ready to re-grip. A general rule for re-gripping is once every year or every 40 rounds. Regardless of how often you play, the elements that surround golf (UV exposure, heat, dirt and oils from your hands) are constantly at work affecting the performance characteristics of the materials that make up your golf grips. More frequent play may dictate re-gripping sooner, but even with normal use, exposure and wear, it is a good idea to re-grip annually. You may find that getting in the routine of re-gripping at the beginning of each season will not only remind you to do it but also give you the best chance of playing at your full potential.

Do new or fresh grips affect swing performance?

A new golf grip will give you the best possible performance of that grip. A clean grip allows more contact with the surface area and pattern of the grip; the two components of the grip that provide tackiness and traction. With a grip that is worn or dirty, the performance characteristics of the grip are being masked. With a fresh grip, your potential to play better is increased. From there, it is up to the golfer to practice, take lessons from a PGA professional and work hard to maximize that golfer’s scoring potential.

I’m starting to see some considerably fatter jumbo grips on putters. How does the thickness affect your putting stroke?

A trend in larger or fatter putter grips has developed over the last few years to combat a need to reduce a breakdown in the wrists throughout the putting stroke. Additionally, larger putter grips can help to keep the putter face square through impact.

Is the flat cat® putter grip USGA approved?

The USGA has deemed that FLAT CAT® putter grips conform with the Rules of Golf and are permitted for both amateur & professional levels of play.

How do I regrip my putter?

There are a few options when it comes to installing your new FLAT CAT® putter grip. Most golf retailers and golf course pro shops can regrip your club for a nominal fee. If you are looking to DIY, we have created an easy to follow tutorial to guide you through installing your new FLAT CAT® grip. Head over to our INSTALLATION page for instructions and video. If you are installing the FLAT CAT® Solution™, please note that extra tape may be needed near the weighted cone to ensure a tight fit.

What size flat cat putter grip should i order?

Grip size is all about personal feel and preference. Below is a brief description of each of our four sizes to help you decide what is right for you.

The Slim FLAT CAT® is our smallest model and would be an excellent choice for golfers who love the classic feel of the thinner grip. FLAT CAT®: Height – 1.09” Width – .92” Length – 12.2″ Weight – 45 grams

The Svelte FLAT CAT® is a hybrid of our Slim and Standard sizes. It has the narrow width of the Slim with the larger flat sides of the Standard and is a perfect for any golfer who wants to really feel the flat sides, but prefers a smaller grip size. FLAT CAT®: Height – 1.23” Width – 0.92” Length – 12.2” Weight – 51 grams FLAT CAT® SOLUTION™: Height – 1.23” Width – 0.92” Length – 12.2” Weight – 126 grams.

The Standard FLAT CAT® is our most popular model and would be an excellent choice any golfer looking to improve their putting. FLAT CAT®: Height – 1.37″ Width – 1.02″ Length – 12.2″ Weight – 68 grams FLAT CAT® SOLUTION™: Height – 1.37″ Width – 1.02″ Length – 12.2″ Weight – 172 grams.

The Fat FLAT CAT® is slightly larger than our Standard model and provides added flat area for a golfer struggling to feel the face of their putter while minimizing wrist movement. FLAT CAT®: Height – 1.50″ Width – 1.14” Length – 12.2″ Weight – 85 grams FLAT CAT® SOLUTION™: Height – 1.50″ Width – 1.14” Length – 12.2″ Weight – 197 grams.

The Big Boy FLAT CAT® is our largest model and for players looking to remove any wrist movement from their stroke. FLAT CAT®: Height – 1.68” Width – 1.26” Length – 12.2″ Weight – 104 grams FLAT CAT® SOLUTION™: Height – 1.68” Width – 1.26” Length – 12.2″ Weight – 227 grams.

All FLAT CAT® grips incorporate our FLAT1™ technology to provide players with a direct connection with the face of their putter. The FLAT CAT® putter grip puts the face of the putter in the palm of your hands. The grips also feature our patent-pending easy-glide cone which unlike other oversized grips won’t get snagged going in and out of your bag.

What is the difference between flat cat® and flat cat® solution™?

Both FLAT CAT® and FLAT CAT® Solution™ have flat sides designed to help you square your putter face to the intended target line and sink more putts. The FLAT CAT® Solution™ takes it a step further and introduces a patented stainless steel weighted cone positioned directly below the hands. The feeling of a heavier putter head is created without losing any feel in your stroke, giving you a smoother, more consistent, pendulum-like putting stroke! The FLAT CAT® Solution™ has been specifically designed for the golfer who may suffer with a slight twitch or “yip” in their putting stroke. The patented weighted cone located optimally below the golfers’ hands will automatically smooth out the stroke and virtually eliminate any yip or twitch in the stroke without losing any feel.

How do I maintain my flat cat® grip?

Although this is often overlooked, cleaning your golf grips will help prolong their life. To keep your grips looking and feeling new, we recommend that you occasionally wipe them down with damp soft cloth. Do not saturate the grip or immerse in water. Avoid storing your grips in extreme environments such as freezing temperatures, high humidity, high heat, and dry heat.