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3 Factors to Find Your Feel

We’ve sharpened our focus to 3 core components we believe will help you find your feel.


Better feel allows for a free-flowing swing, which creates a more relaxed state of play. Which means lower scores and happier golf.

Core Component 1


We obsess over the materials we engineer used as the foundation for our grips. Because without a solid foundation, you have nothing to build on. Whether it’s enhancing feel, lengthening the life of your grip, or adding more comfort and feel, our Genesis Material and ACE Material are examples of how Lamkin innovations are advancing the grip category.

Genesis Material and ACE Material logos

Durability & Comfort
All Weather/Climate

Tac, Feedback & Forgiveness
Engineered for tour-level tack
in a variety of surface feels

Core Component 2

Surface Texture

Our Fingerprint Technology is designed with refined microtextures that perfectly sync with the complex textures of your hand. This creates a fit akin to two gears coming together—which encourages lighter grip pressure and allows your hands to relax.

Feel Connection
Refined mictrotextures sync
to your hand texture

Core Component 3


Plus Technology simulates additional layers of tape applied to the lower portion of the grip. The reduced-taper profile lightens grip tension resulting in a relaxed, more powerful swing. In addition, this wider more uniform shape enhances traction in the lower hand improving club control.

Less Taper, More Power
A reduced taper profile lightens grip tension resulting in a relaxed, more powerful swing