Comfort, Consistency, and Distance

The Importance of Re-gripping

Improperly sized grips, grips that aren’t suited for certain weather conditions, grips that don’t enhance playing ability, and grips that are simply worn-out and slick will negatively impact your game and cost you strokes.

Why You Should Re-grip

  • Replace stock “standard” size grips with a size that best matches the size of your hands.
  • Select a material, texture, design and color that’s best suited to your personal style, playing level, and weather conditions.
  • Replace worn-out, slick grips that contribute to excessive grip tension and pressure.

When You Should Re-grip

  • Grips should be replaced every 40 rounds or every 30 rounds if you’re spending a considerable amount of time at the practice range.
  • Regardless of rounds played, a grip should always be replaced at the first sign of noticeable wear, including:
    • Smooth, hard surfaces
    • Cracks
    • Shiny patche
    • Wear spots, especially where the thumbs make contact
    • Faded or bare spots on grips that have been painted or have logos
    • Complete loss of tack
  • If the stock grips on your clubs aren’t the right size, Lamkin offers undersize, standard, midsize, and oversize grips in a number of styles and colors.