Featured Products

Featured Products

Artistry and technology come together in these performance grips to deliver unparalleled feel and durability.

Sonar+ Black

Comfort now looks as good as it feels


The industry’s first and only corded grip with a tack feel


Feel is Everything Series

A series made by golfers, for golfers, that taps into the relatable nuances, emotions, and downright weirdness that is this beautiful game of ours.

Red Tees

FIE Episode 1


FIE Episode 2


FIE Episode 3


FIE Episode 4


FIE Episode 6


FIE Episode 7


FIE Episode 8


FIE Episode 9

Driving Home

FIE Episode 10

Ball Marker

FIE Episode 11

19th Tee

FIE Episode 12

That Feeling

FIE Episode 13

Bag Junk

FIE Episode 14

Pool Chipping

FIE Episode 15

Deep Rough

FIE Episode 17

Living Room

FIE Episode 18

Hole in One

FIE Episode 19

Innovation + Technology

Our Grips are Built Different

We’ve sharpened our focus to develop grip technologies we believe will help you in every aspect of your game.

Fingerprint Technology

Lamkin Technology

Genesis Material

Lamkin Technology

Product Overviews

A Word From Bob

A better feel for your game starts here.

Sonar+ Overview

Bob Lamkin Talks Grips

UTX Overview

Bob Lamkin Talks Grips

Crossline 360 Genesis Full Cord Overview

Bob Lamkin Talks Grips

ST+ Hybrid Overview

Bob Lamkin Talks Grips

Sonar+ Wrap Overview

Bob Lamkin Talks Grips

Sink Fit Deep V Overview

Bob Lamkin Talks Grips