Sink Fit Skinny Pistol Rubber Blue

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Tour-inspired Shape and Design. Innovative Feel and Connection.

As the thinnest grip in the Sink Fit line, the Sink Fit Skinny Pistol Rubber features Lamkin’s Fingerprint Technology and Genesis Material to provide a secure feel, optimized surface tack, and unmatched durability. Perfect for players utilizing traditional, reverse overlap, or cross-handed grip styles who prefer a thin, pistol shape.

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Feel is engineered in every aspect of Sink Fit Skinny Pistol Rubber Blue

Sink Fit Skinny Pistol Rubber Reviews

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  1. I have had a mid mallet or half mallet whatever you call it, I use this skinny sink fit grip feels great! I prefer a traditional style like pingman grip for any style of putters it also works great for blades!

    Matt M

  2. If you like traditional pistol grips that are slightly bigger, and I mean slightly, this is a must try, also if you’re a little OCD on you’re grips feeling new all the time, this grip cleans up nicely and will feel brand new for a long time. HD October 24, 2021

    Herb Dawson (verified owner)

  3. Bringing the classic pistol into 2019!

    The new sink fit skinny pistol grip is perfect! I’ve been a long time user of the classic ping pistol grip like tiger uses and pretty much every other pistol was designed in envy of and rightfully so. This is that same classic shape and feel but I would describe this new sonar putter etching is a nice modern looking touch but also feels great and secure in the hands without being overly soft. Its definitely a soft grip compared to the deep etched version but not overly soft. Would definitely recommend for anyone who wants something more comfortable than a classic pistol but doesn’t want to go to a fat grip.


  4. Try it and you won’t look back

    This grip has shined light on a place I never saw myself being, with a skinny putter grip in my hands. I had always used a thicker style grip on my putter until I tried the Sink Fit Skinny. I don’t see myself ever going back to a thicker grip on my blade putters. The feedback from this grip is unlike any other. Since switching, my distance control has increased greatly. The feel in which you receive to your hands at contact is superb. It’s better than anything else I’ve tried. I have no problem letting the toe of the putter swing and release through my stroke. This is a fantastic grip for any style, but especially blades.


  5. Feels great, incredible feedback from ball impact. Confidence builder on the greens!

    Feels great in the hands, soft and the fit is awesome. Weight balances well with Mallet style putter head.


  6. Same size as standard putter grips with a little tacky

    If you like a standard pistol putter grip but want to have a better grasp and some extra tackiness, this is the grip! I feel so connected to the club and I am able to get a consistent grip and feel on every putt. I love the natural black and grey but may grab a blue one as well for some spark and extra color! The contrast on the triangle pointing down is great for alignment too!


  7. Classic yet new

    This grip is great if you want a classic shape with enhanced technological feel


  8. Great Grip for more feel

    This Grip is great love the texture and the size is great for players who like a smaller grip


  9. My favorite Sink Fit grip and an absolute must try for players that want to improve club face control but prefer a traditional size and shape.

    The Kink Fit Skinny Pistol Rubber putter grip is an excellent grip for players that prefer more traction and enhanced clubface awareness in a traditional pistol size and shape. Having more control over where my putter was was during my putting arc has given me more confidence and improved my performance on the green. The only thing not perfect about this grip is the large logo. Players that like to see blank grips or minimal distractions will have to adjust with this grip.


  10. A+

    Great putter grip. I love the new technology and material with the traditional shape. Best of Both Worlds!

  11. #1 PUTTER GRIP



  12. Best putter grip on the market

    This is the best grip on the market for Blade putters. It sits comfortably with the natural shape of your hands. The texture of the Fingerprint technology is really comfortable and feels secure in your hands. It’s good for all weather conditions. It still looks great and I’ve played over 20 rounds with it! Very durable. I’m also making more putts with it.


  13. Would recommend!

    I just bought the skinny and really enjoying it so far. I have never liked the larger superstroke type putters but more the ultra slim superstrole and this fits the bill for me. Soft, a little tacky and not too large.


  14. It’s a keeper

    This grip simply feels “at home” in my hands. I have been using a thicker putter grip in recent years and wanted to go back to something thinner for better feel. The Sink Fit Skinny delivered just that. Remarkable feel. Since switching to this grip my distance control has become much more consistent. I can see myself using this grip for years to come on any flat stick that ends up in my bag.


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