Sink Fit Deep-V Rubber

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Lightweight, Secure Feel. Fluid stroke.

A two-part sleeved grip engineered with a lightweight under-listing compound, and our comfortably familiar-feeling rubber outer sleeve with Fingerprint Technology. By combining the two, we achieve the traction, durability, and feel of rubber, while providing the lightweight characteristics of polyurethane underlisting grips.



Feel is engineered in every aspect of Sink Fit Deep-V Rubber

Sink Fit Deep-V Reviews

Hear From Our Customers

  1. The shape of the putter grip and the sharp edges are what help to keep the putter on the right path. I have found the standard size to work best for my hand size paired with my blade putter. The connection to the putter is solid and I feel confident when putting. My only recommendation would be for Lamkin to offer this putter grip in black and a white version.

    Greg Spear

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