Deep Etched Black

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Maximum Feel. Maximum Responsiveness.

A longtime Tour favorite now features our softer-feeling Genesis Material, enhancing the performance it’s already known for. Its prominent horizontal etched pattern, traditional paddle, and smaller profile provide maximum responsiveness, while its Deep Etch design is ideal for golfers with an arc, or arc-to-straight putting style when utilizing a traditional, reverse overlap, or cross-handed grip style.

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Feel is engineered in every aspect of the Deep Etched Black

Deep Etched Black Reviews

Hear From Our Customers

  1. I bought a couple TaylorMade TP Reserve putters with new composites in an old classic. I love the B-11 and didn’t know the key to my better stroke with this putter is the new Deep Etched grip. For seemingly a hundred years, it’s been a grip that fits my hands, I just wasn’t a fan of the hard feel. But now, it’s silky smooth like the Iomic grips I play with, it’s got loads of feedback. I put it on my Evnroll EV2 and voilá! Immediate great results!

    Robert Fuller

  2. I got fitted for a Tri-Hot 5K Seven CH putter and had to cut it down to a 33 and installed the Deep Etched in black. The feel and feed back of the pistol grip gave me confidence to sink more putts. Amazingly, if feels tacky and secure on my hands.

    Rick Rosales

  3. I use standard or midsize pistol style putter grips. I changed recently to the classic deep etch from a similar design from a well known competitor. The deep etch provides more stability in the top hand with the slight oval shape, more feel with the slightly firmer compound, and a sure grip with the deep etch design. As others have said, matching up your putting stroke with the style of putter and grip that suites you is key to making more putts. My Evnroll ER2 putter with the Lamkin’s Deep Etch grip is a winning combination for me.

    mike witkowski

  4. This grip has tremendous soft feel and durability, especially for the price. I put this on my toe flow mallet and it’s been wonderful. Highly recommended.


  5. This is a serious upgrade for the Deep Etched Putter Grip.

    I have always liked the Deep Etched putter grip.

    I first used it in 2007. I did find the grip a bit firm; so, I went to the Deep Etched Cord and that provided me better touch/traction.

    Now, I have tried the newest Genesis Model, and this is really a huge upgrade; the touch, feel, smoothness, traction is spot on. I just feel more stable in the putting stroke and the results; so smooth, predictable, and repeatable.

    Love the upgrade, going to keep my Deep Etched Cord grip in case I want a different feel from time to time. I suspect that the Genesis version will be my gamer.


  6. I’ll never use any other putter grip again.

    This is the putter grip I have been blindly yearning for as long as I’ve played golf. I’m glad I’ve finally found it. It’s a perfect combination of everything I need in a putter grip. Great shape and size. Amazing texture and feel. Last but certainly not least, contact feedback is at its peak. Better than any other grip I’ve ever used, period.


  7. Perfect standard putter grip

    Perfect size and texture – everything you want in a standard size grip. Helps to get a consistent feel on putter all the time. Worth a shot- applying to all of my putters

    Mike J.

  8. My putting has never been better thanks to the Deep Etch from Lamkin

    The Deep Etch is my choice for my gaming putter. The Deep Etch uses textures and firmness to deliver enhanced feedback and more club face control. This grip paired perfectly with my blade style putter heads to give me better awareness of my start lines and how hard to hit each putt. My putting has never been better and that is thanks to the Deep Etch from Lamkin.


  9. Great texture and response

    Great texture and firmness. Was not sure if I would like them after years of Winn Ping labeled grips. Slightly larger than my Winn Ping grips, which was odd only for a little while. After a couple hours of practice, I would not go back to the smaller size.

    Matthew (verified owner)

  10. TOP NOTCH!!! as good as any GOLF PRIDE.keep it up Lamkin.

    I got one on one of my Bettinardi putters.the deep line model.size is like a mid size.the shape is perfect.the size is great.mine just had the B on the but is either their standard deep-etched or a mid size.does not say? this is my favorite Bttinardi grip I have.i have the golf pride tour classic that grip to.all you need is the deep-etched or up to you the golf pride tour classic.i think the golf pride is not made anymore.i love Lamkin grips.I put the crossline on ALL my woods.i collect Bettinardi putters and if they are good enough fro BOB good enough for me.THANKS LAMKIN! greg plainly says has a harder feel so to Gary L.READ before you buy.try a full cord it you want a hard grip! these grips are famous and have been around since 1925.i have a 85th anniversary one I got off my Cleveland Driver.if Cleveland and Bettinardi used them on everyone of their clubs enough said.I love the older Cleveland woods.lbettinardi putters.keep up the great Lamkin love your GRIPS!!! putter and the always about the cost.great value.

    the putter guess why. i know i can putt.i pratice hours.every day.have a putting matt in my bed room!play only Clevelan

  11. Perfect putter grip

    Great putter grip. Nice ridge running through fingers to help with consistency and fantastic texture for sweat or rain. Love this grip.


  12. Fantastic

    Great grip with deep etched very helpful in setting hands.


  13. Great!

    Great grip! I’ve been using it for years.


  14. Too hard

    i didnt like them…they felt like a car’s rubber tire in my hands..too hard

    Gary L.

  15. Just not for me

    Some may like this grip but a little to firm. Going to put the Winn Pistol back on my Ping putter that it originally came with. Just not for me. This is a very firm grip, if you’re looking for a grip that feels soft in your hands this is defiantely not the one for you.

    VA Golfer

  16. Great grip style and shape

    Great grip style and shape. Very affordable as well. Just wish it was offered in a little larger size. If this grip were offered in a mid size it would be perfect. I use it on my Odyssey #7 Versa and the response is great.

    Dennie S.

  17. Very nice putter grip

    This is a very nice putter grip, good shape and feel and very good price. No complaints, but I also like the more expensive Odyssey putter grips slightly better for their feel.


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