Sink Fit Straight Rubber

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Straight Parallel Shape. More Repeatable Stroke.

Fingerprint Technology and Genesis Material provide a responsive putting feel, optimized surface tack, and unmatched durability. Its contoured shape promotes proper wrist alignment to ensure consistent mechanics. Perfect for golfers with a straight-back-straight-through stroke that utilize a claw, palm-to-palm, fingers down the shaft, or split-hand putting grip style.

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Feel is engineered in every aspect of Sink Fit Straight Rubber

Sink Fit Straight Rubber Reviews

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  1. Coming from SuperStroke Mid Slim 2.0. Loved the size, but hated how soft and squishy it felt. It also wears very quickly; after one season all the edges/corners are worn significantly.

    After extensive searching, I found this. The dimensions are virtually identical. But the feel is much more firm. I’d say it has the same firmness as my irons with midsize wrap grips. Super stable, easy to line up, and the Fingerprint texture provides a confident grip without feeling sticky or tacky.

    Try it. You won’t be disappointed!


  2. Love the feel of this grip and how it provides an easier putting swing motion. It won my grip testing “grip-off” – see below. I specifically love it for three reasons: weight, feel, and shape. The balance between the precision of a more traditional firm rubber grip PLUS a subtle amount of texture to add right amount of comfort and feel. The shape fits my grip well and provides a natural squared position. It is a relatively heavier grip that works well with my original Odyssey two-ball (318g). It makes the swing feel easier.
    2022 “Grip-off” – I’ve spent this past winter comparing grips on two exact putters (original two-ball) in a tournament style putt-off on a Perfect Practice rig putting from 5 and 8 feet. Grips I tested: Lamkin Sinkfit Straight (114g), Enroll Gravity (105g), Flat Cat Tak Svelte(75g) and Super Stroke Triaxon 2.0 (55g and 80g*) , Super Stroke Triaxon Pistol GT 2.0 (51g and 76g*) and Winn NTP (126g). I like all of the above mentioned grips for different reasons but Lamkin Sinkfit Straight came out on top. *Tested Super Strokes with and without their 25g weight.
    I’m a little surprised I don’t see this grip out more than I do. Lamkin is, obviously, a quality manufacturer with a long history of solid products. If you’re in the market for a mid-size non-tapering grip with a firmer feel, you won’t be disappointed.


  3. I’ve always said it was the equipment, not me, and maybe this proves it! My putting SUCKS & I’ve gone thru several putters this season! I usually shoot low-80’s with lots of 3+ putts. I took my 20 year old Odyssey White Hot #8, in perfect condition, to a local shop and installed the Lamkin Sink Fit Straight Rubber grip. I liked the look, feel, and weight, so I gave it a shot. I’ve played two rounds since re-gripping. I shot a 71 and 76, with mostly two putts and a few one-putts for a skin. Is it me or the grip? I’ll go with the grip! LOL!


  4. I’ve re-gripped two Bettinardi putters (QB6 & BB56) and one Odyssey with this grip. The feel is excellent and solid. The Odyssey is a 26 year old DF Rossie Blade and this grip makes it feel brand new. I like the heavier feel in a putter, which is needed with faster greens.


  5. Have regripped a few of my putters with this grip. Excellent feel, fits so well.. I have used Lamkin grips for many years on all my clubs.

    Paul Lukich (verified owner)

  6. Great Look

    It’s not a bad Feeling but to me is too heavy so this one changed my swing weight …. So They looks great but too heavy


  7. My favorite putter grip

    I have a variety of grips at my shop but threw this one on right away great feel and fit to my hands.


  8. Incredible grip!

    Just threw this grip on my putter and couldn’t be more happy with it! Feels incredible in my hands and has put more confidence when I step up to the putts now! Go try it out, you won’t be disappointed


  9. Highly recommend

    This is the best putter grip on the market. The ergonomic shape really fits my hands comfortably. The Fingerprint technology and high quality rubber compound feels great. It is perfect particularly for Mallet style putters, keeps your hands steady for a straight back and through stroke.


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