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SINKFIT Straight Rubber

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SINKFIT Straight Rubber features Lamkin’s Fingerprint Technology and Genesis Material to provide a responsive feel, optimized surface tack, and unmatched durability. Its unique contoured shape is designed to promote proper wrist alignment to ensure smooth, repeatable mechanics. It is the perfect option for the golfer with a straight-back-straight-through stroke, utilizing  a claw, palm-to-palm, fingers down the shaft, or split hand putting grip style and prefers a midsize rubber grip.

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5 Review(s) for SINKFIT STRAIGHT RUBBER Golf Grips
  1. Have regripped a few of my putters with this grip. Excellent feel, fits so well.. I have used Lamkin grips for many years on all my clubs.

    Paul Lukich (verified owner)

  2. Great Look

    It’s not a bad Feeling but to me is too heavy so this one changed my swing weight …. So They looks great but too heavy


  3. My favorite putter grip

    I have a variety of grips at my shop but threw this one on right away great feel and fit to my hands.


  4. Incredible grip!

    Just threw this grip on my putter and couldn’t be more happy with it! Feels incredible in my hands and has put more confidence when I step up to the putts now! Go try it out, you won’t be disappointed


  5. Highly recommend

    This is the best putter grip on the market. The ergonomic shape really fits my hands comfortably. The Fingerprint technology and high quality rubber compound feels great. It is perfect particularly for Mallet style putters, keeps your hands steady for a straight back and through stroke.


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