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SINKFIT Pistol Polyurethane

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With a classic pistol shape, SINKFIT Pistol Poly combines lightweight polyurethane and optimized surface traction for a putter grip that feels as good as it performs. Great for players with an arc-to-straight putting stroke utilizing a traditional overlap, reverse overlap, or cross-handed putting grip style and who prefer the feel and weight of polyurethane.


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  1. Best of both worlds!

    I’ve use large oversized grips and used the classic pistol grips and found this to be a great combination of the two! It was the same weight as my pistol so didn’t have to worry about it messing up my feel like some of the other large oversized grips can do. The oversized grip is complimented by the pistol shape on the back to me it just fits more natural in the hand and helps keep my stroke a little more solid especially on short putts, love this thing!


  2. Solid grip, just prefer rubber grip.

    Enjoyed putting with this grip style but not a huge fan of the texture. A little lighter than the rubber ones.


  3. The best putter grip for players looking to match their mallet style putter head with a pistol shape grip

    The Sink Fit Pistol Polyurethane grip is the best choice for players looking to match their mallet style putter heads with a new pistol-shaped grip. Sink Fit technology helps me to better understand where my putter is during my stroke and has improved my distance control and accuracy, especially on longer putts.


  4. Great

    This is another great option from Lamkin. Looks great. The texture feels good. It works great on any style putter. If you prefer a pistol shape you’ll like this one.


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