Putter Grip Fitting System

Our Putter Grip Fitting System is a first-of-its-kind solution allowing golfers to quickly and easily demo a variety of putter grips to find the model that best complement unique preferences and putting styles. Find one of our retail stores near you featuring the PGFS on our store locator.


Select any Click-on-Grip on the display and snap it to the Taylor Made Spider X putter base.

Take a few putts. Notice where your misses are.

If you are missing mostly left then test a larger grip and vice-versa. If you tend to have an arc type stroke then favor a pistol grip. If you have a straight-back-to-straight-through stroke explore a straighter larger grips. Click on the various images below to see how grip size and shape are typically better adapted to the combination of stroke and gripping style.

In our research we’ve identified that over 90% of golfers could be classified in one of three putting stroke style. The general fitting tendencies are as follows:

  • With an arc stroke path the hands need to be free to properly release and smaller / pistol grips is preferred
  • With a straight stroke path the hands need to be “calmer” not to overtake the stroke and a larger / straight grip is preferred

The way you grip your putter will also have an impact on your ability to perform the best swing path discussed above. We have identified a few standard putter grip holding style that should be matched to putter grip general shape and size. The general fitting tendencies are as follows (though remember that it also needs to be coupled with stroke path hence why we created the Putter Grip Fitting System — giving you the best chance to make more putts:


– Players using a claw style grip (think Justin Rose) will favor a grip straighter / larger
– Players using a standard style grip (think Troy Mullins) will favor a grip that is pistol / smaller
– Players using a “hands down” style grip will favor a straighter / larger grip

There you have it. Needless to say, at the end, while there science in ensuring you make more putts a lot is a matter of “feel”. With our Putter Grip Fitting System you can try grip sizes, shapes, textures and more so you can #FEELALLTHEFEELS.