Of course everyone at Lamkin thinks the new Z5 grip is the most innovative and functionally advanced golf grip to hit the market in the last decade …but what do everyday golfers, just like you, think of the new Z5? These are excerpts from real reviews from real players, find out if they think Z5 is up to par:

“Ok 1 round on the grips complete and very impressed. I have tried Lamkin grips in the past (3 gen and UTX) and to me initially they felt good and tacky but were a little slippery at times and had some play in them. To me I like a grip to have traction/firm in the left hand and softer (still firm) in the right hand. This Z5 grip accomplishes that. I can tell by one round this grip will be durable and last…”GolfWRX Member

 “The texture is SO much more comfortable than the NDMC. Cord without being sandpaper”, Hacker’s Paradise contributor.

A soft cord means you don’t have to choose between comfort and traction. You can have them both. But will the traction withstand humidity? One reviewer put Z5 to the ultimate test.

“I got a LOT of time with these today in high humidity and a LOT of heat for a LOOOOOT of swings. The top-hand/butt-section texture is very much reminiscent of the UTx, which I know surprises no one, but it’s again worth mentioning just how incredibly playable that texture/design/tech is as compared to pretty much every other corded grip out there. Even today in the heat and humidity while my hands were sweating profusely (I wore NO glove for all golf today to test the grips) and the amount of tack/control/grip in the top hand really shines…”

The UTx resemblance is no coincidence, we took a great grip and saw an opportunity to make it even better. Derived from our UTx ideology, the Z5 meets a new level of performance. And, no glove? No problem. Z5 is designed to only provide high-traction texture in specific, isolated areas while the rest of grip is designed for maximum comfort. UTx is a long-time favorite of the founder of Amateur Golf, but after trying Z5 he directs his attention to the details…

“From the first swing I knew the Z5 was a winner. At first appearance, there is a lot going on with multiple textures at various places on the grip. But the feel is really solid — albeit softer than my other Lamkin favorite, the UTx. The Z5 also has a nice reminder “V” shape. I don’t think you would want to slip it on backwards as you might be comfortable doing with your grips (or asking your clubfitter to do). Also, if you flip it upside down you’re losing out on the design feature of the grip that provides your left hand with the extra protection it needs, especially in the thumb area. If you’re like me, you’ll appreciate the attention to detail the Lamkin letters have at the bottom of the grip, etched and paint filled against a white background giving them a sharp appearance. At the top there is some of the light string embedded in the main material that gives me the feeling it would work great with a rain or regular leather glove. The Z5 will most certainly appeal to the player that loves a combo cord/rubber type grip.”

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