Arthritis and Golf: Can You Have Both?

Snap, crackle, and pop. The famous cereal jingle isn’t a sound you want to hear during a round of golf, especially when it’s coming from your joints. For the millions affected by arthritis, it is unfortunately–a much too familiar struggle. And, the chronic pain and stiffness caused by arthritis can prompt an early (and unnecessary) retirement from their favorite sport. We’re happy to report that joint pain doesn’t have to mean the end of your game.

Pain, swelling, and limited movement are all symptoms of arthritis that, with over 100 different forms, can range greatly in severity and vary by diagnosis. But with each differing case, treatments to improve the chronic condition follow a similar protocol: take an anti-inflammatory to relieve pain, place heat or ice to reduce swelling, and engage in consistent exercise to preserve mobility. This is where your game comes back into play. Golf is an ideal activity for increasing strength, balance, coordination and improving range of motion, making your time on the course an important part of effectively treating your arthritis. 

While playing golf may benefit your health, it likely doesn’t alleviate your discomfort. To make your game as comfortable as possible, start by rethinking your grip. For arthritis in your hands, you’ll benefit from a looser grip on your clubs. Try using an oversized grip on one club to get a better feel for this ‘open’ grip style. Lamkin also designed their Arthritic golf grip to help promote a looser, open hand position. It features a larger profile and a unique “nubbed” texture to encourage a light pressure grip, requiring less of a closed grasp around your clubs.

“Less arthritis pain, better feel!”, writes a recent golfer after switching to Lamkin’s Arthritic grip. The feedback is nearly unanimous, golfers with joint pain absolutely benefit from changing their grip. With Lamkin’s relentless focus on providing golfers with a more comfortable playing experience, this feedback is music to our ears…and certainly a much nicer sound than that old cereal jingle.