Any serious golfer will tell you their grips are as important as any other piece of equipment.  After all, the grip is the only piece of equipment a player directly connects with during the swing. Despite its importance, however, it is too often overlooked and neglected.

Grip maintenance is crucial to keeping a firm hold on your equipment. Simple golf grip cleaning will help restore surface tack, prevent hand slipping and ensure you’re using an ideal light-pressure grip.  In other words, cleaning keeps your grips feeling like new.

Combine that obvious benefit with the current color trend in golf grips (which looks to be here to stay) and maintenance is becoming an absolute-must.  Before the color explosion, grime and wear-and-tear could be hidden by the forgiving hue of traditional black grips.  Now — more than ever — golfers are able to see the inevitable build-up of gunk deposited by a wide range of culprits: namely, oils, grime and leftover sunscreen on your hands and a host of environmental particulates.

So, how can you effectively combat the negative effects of dirty grips? It’s simple: CLEAN YOUR GRIPS REGULARLY. And the next question, “What should I use to clean my golf grips?” Well, you’ve come to the right place for answers:

1. GRIPES Grip Cleaning Wipes
What you need: A pack of GRIPES ($5.99)
a. Remove a GRIPES wipe from the package, and reseal the package.  Take the wipe and wipe down your golf grips (for rubber, synthetic rubber, soft, and even cord grips) It is durable enough that 2 wipes can effectively clean your whole set of clubs, at a cost of just 80 cents.
*That is all there is to it.  The wipes are specifically made for any and all types of golf grips, and engineered to bring back the tack and feel so important to golf grips.  The fast-drying formula allows your grips to air-dry, quickly enough to wipe them down before a round.  The pack fits perfectly in any golf bag so it goes where your clubs go.  These wipes are the most user-friendly, inexpensive, and fast, way to clean your grips making them look like new.  Most important, GRIPES grip cleaning wipes restore the tack to make them FEEL like new.

2. Warm Soap and Water
What you need: Bucket or sink of warm water, mild detergent, soft abrasive pad/brush (for cord/rubber grips), washcloth (for soft “squishy” grips), a sink or a hose, and a dry towel.
a. Inspect your grips for any major damage, i.e. rips or tears, bubbles etc.  Grips that show this must be replaced as no amount of cleaning can fix those issues.
b. Fill the bucket or sink with warm water and mix in a couple drops of the mild detergent.  Dip the brush or washcloth into the bucket and scrub your grips.
c. Rinse the brush or washcloth free of the detergent, as well as the grips that were just scrubbed.  Take the clean brush or washcloth and wipe the grip free of any residue.
d. Rinse the grips again with soap-free water to make sure all detergent is removed from the grip.
e. Use a dry towel and wipe all of the grips dry.  You can also air-dry the grips, although we recommend drying them with a towel as soon as possible.  As this also gets rid of any trace of the detergent and residue.