We recently interviewed Stephen Hutton, PGA Professional, and Head Golf Professional at Geneva Golf & Country Club, about the importance of playing with a properly sized golf grip.  

Common Problems, Simple Solutions When a student or member is having trouble with their game, one of the first topics I discuss is the importance of using a correctly sized golf grip.  Our philosophy is pretty simple: in order to perform well, a player must be using the right grip.  It’s amazing how many mechanical problems stem from a player using a golf grip that’s either too small or too large.   Golfers are very aware of the benefits of custom club fitting, but very few have given any thought to their grips, and that’s the only part of the club that is in direct contact with a player’s hands! 

For many players, simple hand measurements will help guide a player to their ideal grip.  However, there is a large group of golfers that may actually benefit from a grip that’s either larger or smaller than their hand measurement dictates.  For instance, a senior golfer might have difficulty with grip strength.  These golfers may benefit from a slightly larger grip because it demands far less grip pressure and strength.  A grip that’s smaller, even if it’s the ideal measurement, may require too much strength to effectively grip the club. Despite the obvious benefits of using properly sized golf grips, and replacing worn-out grips, it’s likely that 80-85% of golfers are not using their ideal grip and, therefore, missing out on an immediate performance boost.  

Custom-Fit Grips Is a 3-4 Stroke Game Changer.

I recently worked with a senior member on a grip fitting consultation.  He was a 15 handicap and had trouble generating the necessary club speed to get a decent ball launch.   Based on his needs, and hand size, we recommended an oversize Lamkin Perma-Wrap grip.  After using that grip on just one club, for just one round, he came back and had all of his clubs regripped.  The larger size allowed him to grip the club with more strength, resulting in longer shots off the tee.  While his hands were a “standard” size, this player didn’t have the strength to properly hold a smaller grip.  Switching to the oversize wrap grip immediately shaved three strokes off of his game.

Another common grip fitting problem occurs with female golfers.  Nearly every premium club manufacturer uses an undersize (stock) grip on their Ladies Clubs.   These are great for an average female height of 5’5 or shorter, but are usually too small for many female players.