Golfers are known to be some of the most superstitious sportsmen, predominantly due to golf being such an unpredictable game. Players find self-assurance in what produces performance, having specifications with gear down to the smallest degree.  For serious players, the particularity and specifications of their golf grips are of the utmost importance. The reasoning? Hands are all that connect the clubs to the body, the grip being the only piece of equipment you’re in contact with during the swing. A solid connection to the shot begins with a proper and consistent grip. One technique to ensure you have the correct hold… using a grip with a ribbed core.

A Ribbed or Reminder” grip does just that, reminds the golfer where to properly set their hands and fingers on the club. This internal rib runs along the length of the grip, promoting consistent hand placement with every shot, where a round grip has a smooth core diameter. Having this steady placement on the club gives players the confidence needed to fuel performance. Bob Lamkin, President of Lamkin Grips, is a long-time user of the ribbed core:

 “I’ve always preferred to place my hands on the grip the same time with every shot. With a reminder grip, I know I have the same hold and can curve the shot as necessary with body alignment as opposed to face angle. I’m constantly asked ‘why reminder over round’ and I always encourage golfers who haven’t used a reminder to experiment with a ribbed grip to feel the difference.”

Lamkin offers the industry’s widest assortment of reminder grips, including the tour preferred Crossline, Crossline Black, Crossline Full-Cord, REL ACE, Wrap-Tech and UTx.

So why doesn’t everyone play ribbed over round? A few factors keep round grips popular on the course: while club alignment is important with a driver, when it comes to wedges players often like to adjust either open or closed faced to direct the shot angle. The installment of the grip also takes more precision, having to be exact when positioning the rib on the shaft to prevent from causing a shifted grasp. Lastly, some simply haven’t remembered to try the reminder. Whether your grip is ribbed or round, it’s safe to say the “Golf Gods” will have the final word in your swing.