The oversize putter grip has made its mark on the greens over the last couple of years, and is marketed as a quick and easy fix to shave strokes.  But, is there evidence to back the claims?  And, even with quantifiable results, is an OVERSIZED putter grip right for every golfer? 

When it comes to lowering scores, using an oversize putter grip is said to provide instant benefits to players.  Manufacturers claim the larger size and parallel profile quiets the hands and wrists, provides a tension free grip, promotes a pendulum like swing, and increases consistency; all of which leads to fewer missed putts and fewer strokes.

Sounds great, right?  Well, not exactly.  Oversized putter grips may not be right for all golfers.  Golf, as we know, is not a one-size-fits-all sport.  What feels good to one player, may feel terrible for another.  And, in the game of golf, nothing is quite as important as feel.  

Although gaining popularity, oversize putter grips are not an automatic fix for your putting stroke. Many golfers who try the oversize putter grip tend to switch back to a traditional pistol style putter grip because they lost critical feel and feedback.  Smaller, tapered putter grips can offer a great alternative, delivering exceptional feel, feedback and distance control.   While oversize putter grips are in the bags of many Tour players, the MAJORITY of Tour players are still using a smaller, more traditional putter grip. 

Before jumping on the bandwagon, visit your local PGA professional or golf retailer, and try putting with different size grips.  Don’t be too quick to follow the latest fad unless you’re confident the larger size gives you a truly better grip on your game.