Finally!  A quick, easy and super convenient cleaning solution for keeping your golf grips looking and feeling like new.  Lamkin developed GRIPES grip cleaning wipes after being bombarded with golfers asking, “how do I keep my new white and color grips clean?”.   Despite dozens of possible cleaning options for golf grips (with varying degrees of complexity), most golfers didn’t even think about grip cleaning until the recent explosion of white and colored grips hit the market.   And while it is important to keep your grips LOOKING great, there is another very important benefit derived from regular grip cleaning: reactivating much-needed surface tack to keep them FEELING great!   It’s easy to hide dirt and grime on black grips, but it’s still there and likely causing your grips to lose their surface tack. GRIPES grip cleaning wipes are the easiest way to keep your grips looking and feeling like new.  Each pack ($5.99 SRP) includes 15 large-surface wipes created specifically for golf grip cleaning.  The wipes offer superior, fast-drying cleaning strength ideal for rubber and synthetic rubber grips.   The convenient resealable pack fits easily into your golf bag and, when sealed properly, will last for more than a year!   GRIPES will be available in November at select green grass, golf specialty shops and online retailers.