Working for Lamkin, I’m often asked to test out our new golf grips, and rightfully so!  It’s one of the perks of the job.  But testing out the Wrap-Tech golf grip was more of a stretch for me.  I’m just not a wrap grip player.  After a good deal of prodding, however, I finally threw them on my woods.  I wish I would have put them on sooner.  I’M CONVERTED!

Traditionally for me, cord golf grips that are very firm worked best.  I bounced between the Crossline Full-Cord and UTx, switching back to Crossline in the end. I have a high swing speed, and sweat a lot. Which made traditional wrap golf grips a no-go.  You can understand why I was hesitant to put our new Wrap-Tech on my gamers.  Nonetheless, I obliged.

Uncommon in San Diego, I was faced with cold-weather, rain and wind in my first round out with the new golf grips.  On the first tee, I pulled out my driver and was pleasantly surprised with the amount of tack and the feel of the grip.  It basically stuck to my glove.  My first drive was a bomb down the right side of the fairway.  Great start, but I was going to need more convincing if these golf grips are going to end up on all of my clubs.  It only took five holes until I was completely SOLD.  [Not unlike Miguel Angel Jimenez who, after only 15 holes with Wrap-Tech on his clubs, made a hole-in-one]  Monday morning was spent regripping golf clubs.  My only regret is not switching to Wrap-Tech sooner.