Whoever said “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” certainly wasn’t talking about Lamkin Grips. With three generations and almost a CENTURY of experience making the world’s best grips, Lamkin has been a pioneer in golf grip technology and innovation since 1925 when founder Elver B. Lamkin started making leather golf grips in his Chicago garage. Lamkin’s development team has come a very long way since those humble beginnings. Most recently, proprietary new compounds and texture innovations have led to the company’s most advanced and performance-enhancing line of new golf grips. And golfers have quickly taken note, with one recently raving about the SONAR, “Lamkin has done it again! Super great feeling grip and now I have Lamkin grips on all my woods and hybrids (tour taper). I’m hitting it a mile and they feel so good.

As one of the only companies in North America blending their own proprietary grip compounds, Lamkin chemists developed the patent-pending Genesis Material to ensure golfers never had to sacrifice comfort for performance. A slightly softer material than traditional rubbers with exceptional durability and torsion control, Genesis gives design flexibility to accommodate a wide range of golfers with a material that maintains a consistent tacky feel in all climates and weather conditions.

While innovative materials are the foundation of a superior golf grip, Lamkin knew their technology had to go beyond their proprietary compounds. After several years of development, Lamkin engineers launched the exclusive Fingerprint Technology, a high density of intricate micro-textures for enhanced traction and superior grip comfort. The new texturing technology eliminates the need for coarse, aggressive textures that are typically used to increase gripping traction. A unique finishing process preserves the grip’s super tacky surface. The benefit for golfers: Fingerprint Technology promotes lighter grip pressure to generate greater swing speed and shot distance. This ground-breaking technology delivers unmatched grip feel and performance.  With the tour inspired TS1, the popular SONAR, and the ultra-comfortable COMFORT PLUS, Lamkin’s new line of Fingerprint Technology grips offers a perfect feeling grip for every golfer.

Find your perfect new golf grip with Lamkin’s interactive grip selector and discover how Lamkin technology can fuel your game!