A New Year inevitably brings new resolutions.  We’re guessing that playing better golf and lowering your handicap is on the resolution list for more than a few golfers.  At Lamkin, we understand your obsession and we’re here to help you achieve even the loftiest of your golf goals.  Our 2015 portfolio is filled with golf grips engineered to enhance your performance and ultimately lead to a more consistent and enjoyable game for all golfers.


This grip is incredibly TACKY!  You have to feel them to believe it.  In addition to the super-tacky feel of the patented ACE material, Wrap-Tech features a dual texture surface to provide maximum grip comfort and control.  If you love a wrap-style golf grip that performs in all-weather, be sure to give these a shot. 

UTx Wrap and UTx Mega Paddle Putter

As one of the fastest growing new grips on Tour, Lamkin’s UTx quickly became a favorite among top players around the world.  The line has been expanded to include a wrap-style and putter grip, both featuring proprietary Tri-Layer Technology, so that more golfers can experience the distinctive feel and performance of UTx. 

Technique Putter

Lamkin’s revolutionary new putter grip features functional hand alignment guides to promote consistent hand placement and an oversized, flat-front shape to minimize wrist movement. Whether you putt using a reverse overlap, cross-handed, or claw putting grip style, this grip is sure to have you rolling putts better than ever.