Lamkin Introduces Interactive Putter Grip Fitting System

Lamkin Corporation – leading manufacturer of premium golf grips – is rolling out its interactive Putter Grip Fitting System at retail partners worldwide, a first-of-its-kind solution that allows golfers to quickly and easily demo a variety of putter grips to help find the model that best complements their unique preferences and putting styles.

Determining the correct grip size and shape is a critical factor impacting putting performance. Several aspects need to be considered, including hand-size, stroke mechanics, general pattern of misses, hand placement on the grip and more.  Lamkin is dedicated to helping consumers sink more putts by providing options in different sizes, shapes and materials. This includes a range of models that feature traditional pistol and straight profiles in both rubber and polyurethane options.

Golfers simply select the “Clip-on-Grip” they wish to try from the display and with one click it fits into the putter base provided, the popular TaylorMade Spider X. By removing the putter style from the equation golfers can use the retailers putting green, to compare putter grip performance, feel and traction.

All necessary components and directions are included on the display, which offers guidance on which shape, size and texture are best adapted to the three most common putting strokes and seven gripping styles (standard, overlap, reverse overlap, palm-to-palm, finger down the shaft, the claw, hands separated).

 Lamkin is offering the system in two sizes to align with partner needs. Details include:

  • White Tees: Small footprint, two-sided display that fits next to any putting grip coral. It accommodates 12 putter grip options.
  • Black Tees: Three-sided island display that also conveniently holds inventory. It accommodates 18 putter grip options and retail SKUs.

“The putter is used more than any club in the bag and finding the right grip is a critical element to building confidence and sinking more putts,” says Bob Lamkin, CEO of Lamkin Grips. “We have the most technologically advanced putter grips in the industry and we needed a system that let consumers experience what makes our products superior, as well as provide our retail partners a unique and fun program to bring more customers through their doors.”

Since August 2019, Lamkin has worked with Golf Galaxy to test the program with the Black Tee display at 16 high traffic locations.

“The innovative Lamkin Putter Grip Fitting System has been extremely well received by our customers,” said Tara Stolarski, Associate Buyer, Golf Equipment at DICK’S Sporting Goods. “The simple interactive nature of the system allows them to quickly and efficiently identify a putter grip that is best suited to their games. We are excited to support Lamkin and committed to rolling out the Black Tee display to all Golf Galaxy locations in 2020.”

Lamkin’s putter grips have built a large and loyal following, with the recent SINK Fit and Deep Etched lines being popular among players of all skill levels. SINK Fit models, including the Pistol, Skinny and Straight share new technologies with Lamkin’s full swing grips that further separate the brand from competitors. This includes patent-pending Genesis Material, a hybrid compound that delivers unparalleled performance, durability and comfort in all conditions, and Fingerprint Technology which uses intricate micro-textures to deliver a more comfortable feeling, high-traction surface that promotes reduced hand tension for control and consistency.

“The best players in the world spend time analyzing and testing different putter grips before putting something into competition,” says Travis Fulton, noted instructor and Lamkin brand ambassador. “Most amateur golfers overlook how the size and make-up of the grip will impact putting performance. When we fit golfers we definitely find that the putter grip not only influences the feel but also the overall arc and impact alignments. More so than any club in the bag, golfers need to be totally comfortable and confident in their putter and getting fit to the right grip is a critical part of the equation.”

Retailers interested in joining Lamkin’s growing base offering putter grip fitting should reach out to their grip distributor for details. With units already in market and significant commitment from large and small retailers the Lamkin Putter Grip Fitting System will be widespread nationwide by February 2020.