AUGUSTA, GA – APRIL 08: Justin Rose of England lines up a putt for birdie on the 18th hole during the third round of the 2017 Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club on April 8, 2017 in Augusta, Georgia. (Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images)

In a game of inches, it doesn’t get much closer than the sudden-death playoff that unfolded on the 18th hole at the 81st Masters. With three straight birdies to finish the front 9, Justin Rose provided the worldwide audience a very exciting and dramatic ending to the beloved tournament. And it was during this very high-profile afternoon, that viewers around the world noticed a new grip on Rose’s putter. Known for being a technocrat with his game, he trusted the revolutionary FLAT CAT putter grip to secure his eventual second place finish.

With his new FLAT CAT Svelte putter grip, Rose sunk a 20-foot putt for a birdie during the first round, draining several more to finish 9-under 279 on Sunday. Rose has actually been on a long-putt sinking streak, with a dramatic 44 footer at the Arnold Palmer Invitational. This impressive putting performance and the distinctive look of the FLAT CAT putter grip, with the unique FLAT 1 technology, certainly has people talking…Oversized putter grips are known to be popular amongst Tour pros, but this putter grip takes a new direction and shape. With a rectangular box profile, you’re able to keep the putter square in your hands and square with the clubface to sink your putt.

This putter grip may change the conventional way of putting, but it doesn’t have to change your putting grip style. Each side of FLAT CAT is in a parallel plane with the putter face, allowing you to develop a personal feel with the face of your putter no matter the putting style–traditional, left-hand low, saw, or claw. Many noticed at the Master’s, Rose’s grip was installed non-traditionally with the logo face up. How does he still get results? Because at any installation angle, you’re able to find a parallel plane to put the same feeling of square in the palm of your hands.

What’s next for Justin after an incredible Master’s week? The gracious sportsman is just getting started… “For me, golf is about April to September. That’s where the big tournaments are. That’s where the tournaments that change your career are. So this is the first one of four. I feel motivated for the summer, and I will be moving on and setting goals very quickly after this,” Rose said in an ESPN interview. With an Olympic gold medal last August, four Top 10 finishes to start the year, hot off an outstanding Masters performance, and putting with his new FLAT CAT grip, we don’t doubt it’s going to be a very exciting summer.