Lamkin’s famous Crossline golf grip has been a best-seller and Tour favorite for nearly 15 years. Currently used on millions of golf clubs around the world, the intersecting (“crossing”) lines on the Crossline grip have become one of the most recognizable patterns in golf. Because of the enormous volume of Crossline grips produced every year, Lamkin continually upgrades the molding equipment to ensure we provide our customers with the highest quality and most durable golf grips.  Over the years, as this equipment is upgraded, the lines of the Crossline pattern became slightly wider than the original design. After a lengthy process of testing and reviewing different iterations of the pattern, Lamkin made the decision to return to the specifications of the original Crossline design. While the difference between the two patterns is quite subtle, it is distinct enough to be noticed by our more attentive customers.   The renewed “Classic” Crossline grips started shipping this summer and will be available in stores later this year.