UTX Gray

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Ultra Tack with Cord

UTX is our fastest-growing grip on tour, with multiple wins across the major tours. Positioned as our “tack-cord,” this industry-first, tour-validated grip will serve golfers looking to gain confidence by securing connection to the club with its unique Tri-Layer material technology and ‘X’ pattern cord texture. The result is the same traction, moisture control, and enhanced feel trusted by tour pros around the world.


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Feel is engineered in every aspect of UTX Gray

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Grip Characteristics

The Feel of UTX Gray

Each grip is designed to suit the different preferences of feel. Material, feedback, surface texture, tackiness, and grip taper are the key characteristics that help distinguish a grip's unique attributes.

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UTX Gray Reviews

Hear From Our Customers

  1. These are the best grips I have tried. The combination of tackiness and cord provide an amazing feel and a well struck ball feels even better. I noticed an immediate improvement in my ball striking with these grips.

    Mitch W

  2. Over 50 yr of golf here, hands down the tackiest grip I’ve used, fantastic power with the driver.
    I play without a glove, and the UTX was the stickiest over all the other brands tried. This is in dry winter weather too.
    Super comfortable feel, the ball flight is a dream, the feel is great – not too soft, not too firm.
    Just bought 14 more.
    Give this a try you will not be disappointed.
    Thank you Lamkin.


  3. I’ve tried a bunch of grips: soft, firm, rubber, hybrid, cord. I would argue the UTx grips are the best grips ever made! Please never discontinue these!


  4. Lamkin’s maximum performance grips such as UTx or Crossline ACE 3GEN have a firmer feel for superior torsion control, meaning they twist less under the greater pressures of a quicker swing. Comfort grips  from Lamkin, such as R.E.L ACE 3GEN or Wrap-Tech are softer feeling and ideal for players with lower swing speeds or those who prefer a tackier connection.


  5. I have been playing UTX grips since they first came out and won’t play anything else. I play without a glove and have never had a slipperiness issue.

    Bill Q (verified owner)

  6. My favorite grip . Tacky and softer than full chord.

    Alasdair Watt

  7. great in the summer heat!

    Terrific grip here if you like a rugged cord grip that is going to be durable, hold its grip when its wet from rain or sweat this is grip actually get better after you play a couple rounds and rough it up a little. The new stealth gray look amazing also!


  8. UTx beats heat, humidity

    Love this grip. Used GP’s Tour Wrap for years, but new irons came with UTx and I’m so, so glad they did. Living on the South Carolina coast where it’s hot as purgatory and twice as humid, this grip is far superior in the heat and humidity. Love the control the firm feel provides, as well, in any weather conditions.


  9. Best cord grip around!

    A great feeling cord grip. This grip has more longevity than your typical cord grip, looks great too.

    Chris M

  10. favorite grip!

    Best combo of firmness and texture. If it came in Std+, it would be perfect… save me the trouble of having to use build up tape.


  11. Best combo for tackiness and comfort

    Best feeling cord grip that I’ve ever played. Much easier on the hands than other manufacturers’ offerings. It’s my new favorite.


  12. Best cord grip available

    It’s the best feeling cord grip I’ve ever tried. Excellent moisture management. Bring back the cool colors


  13. Best cord grip

    Love this grip! I was never a fan of cord grips until I discovered the utx. This is the best grip I have found to use in the hit summer months.


  14. Great grip, My favorite for the past 4 years

    .My favorite grip! Great i all weather. Just wipe with a damp towel and pat dry = instant tacky .
    Wish you guys would make more colors! Loved the blue/red. Only downside is these stretch, so if you try to save them, they don’t always work the second time…..


  15. Should have switched years ago.

    Long time user of another brand of grips. The new Lamkin grips are superior in every way. Great feel and durability. 14 club switch for me. Keep delivering great products.


  16. Tops in Cord

    Very easy n the hands for a Cord grip. I play without a glove and my callouses are less than half what they used to be. Very versatile and durable for the type. First-rate.


  17. Great wet , humid weather grip

    Best grip in wet humid conditions!!!Great torso control!!!


  18. Excellent grips, good control and looks are awesome

    I have always had softer grips using winn dri tech and then the golf pride tour velvet but I wanted to get something more stable that didn’t move around as much in my hands so I gave the lamkin utx a try. The grip feels very stable and the traction is very good, even better than I though ti would be. I play with a glove but could probbaly go without one using these. I also bought them for durability because the other grips aforementioned wear out to quickly and I play/practice quite often. So far they are great grips and im very happy with making the switch.I bought the grey and I have to say they just look really good too.


  19. don,t care much for the grip

    very hard


  20. Good grips

    Been playing Lamkin for years .the best for the money.


  21. A great cord grip!

    I have my 3rd set of grips awaiting my new clubs. I wished the manufacturer offered this grip in the 1st place. Almost feel bad for ripping off a new grip but I really like the UTX Midsize. I hope Lamkin will continue and expand this line.


  22. Great grip for any condition!

    Outstanding grips – ordered the mid-sized in blue distressed. They look great – and feel great. Only nit – would be that the grips seem to discolor my white golf gloves slightly (my palm heel turns a bit blue).

    Cristian (verified owner)

  23. Love the feel and control

    I just re-griped all my clubs with the UTX gripes. The very first swings I felt a better connection and control of my clubs/swing. I have a medium cadet hand and often have trouble maintaining a good grip. These new gripes felt the best I’ve had in ages. Love them and looking forward to better swing control and of course lower scores.


  24. Great grips

    Put a utx on my lob wedge a couple months ago and liked it, so when the offer for 13 grips for under $40 appeared, I jumped on it. Have been playing them for two weeks now, and have finally shot my age (69) with several iron shots to inside 10 feet and only 2 missed fairways from the tee. Great grips, outstanding feel


  25. I love them!

    Super soft yet tacky Great cord feel


  26. Great grips

    Amazing grips, best on the market!!

    Chris G

  27. Acid green

    How can I get the acid green utx grips?


  28. Great grips

    I’ve only played them once so far, but they feel great.


  29. Excessive wear

    I used to play the Larmkin standard cords but stepped up to the midsize UTX (per the grip gauge). I really liked the feel of these at first, but as the grips began to show my normal wear patterns, the rubber surrounding the cords began to peel out excessively. After only a four months of winter play, I have already replaced 5 grips on my more often used clubs and all are showing much more wear than my previous Lamkins. I’m now planning to get all my grips replaced with something else. Still searching for a new/better feel but will never go back to the UTX.


  30. My favorites

    Have over 70 rounds on these grips, wipe them down, and they are still as good as new. Grip does not slip, even in hot, humid weather. Best grip I’ve ever played.


  31. No slipping, great feel, wears a little to quick

    Good grip, wears a little quick on the Driver but rest of clubs make it solid for whole year. No slippage and goo feel.

    Virginia Golfer

  32. Perfection

    Grips have good tack and great in the warm summers with sweaty hands! Compared to Golf Pride NDMC, definitely superior in feel and moisture control. Great product, Lamkin!


  33. Excellent

    They’re Super


  34. Good grips

    I love the grips. But I’ve had some problems with the but end of the grip being loose and moving around. Not sure if it’s the grip or poor installation. All in all its a great grip


  35. Favorite grip last 2 years

    Great traction and medium/soft feel. no club slippage worries and great feel/feedback on shots. excellent in humid/damp conditions.


  36. As Good As They Get !

    Best grips that I have used in 44 years of playing competitive golf. Just enough cord to be tacky in all conditions


  37. Comfortable grip

    Comfortable grip, great buy


  38. Red grips look grey

    Not that it matters in performance, but I ordered red grips … they look grey with smattering of red here and there.


  39. Love them

    Bought these grips to replace the Gold Pride Multi Compound and absolutely love them. They are slightly softer and a a lot more comfortable. Texture is great.


  40. Outstanding

    Have about 10 rounds on these now and they are perfect!! Medium Firmness with tacky feel. They are outstanding in damp conditions. Mine still look new after 10 rounds and several hundred range balls. I see others talking about set up. I did my own grips and played 2 hours after re-gripping and were solid as concrete. Perhaps other reviewer had bad tape.

    7.00 a wrap is what I paid and would happily pay that again. love the Red color. Try for yourself and most importantly make sure you buy the right size.

    Woodsy RM

  41. Great grips

    Lamkin continues to make great grips, and the Utx is just another winner. Nice feel, perfect in every way.


  42. Very soft

    Being a no-glover; I find it in my back pocket… So, I don’t make it a practice of handling cords… That’s from prior usage and FEEL. It was time to replace those original Performer on my medals and hybrids, why not UTx’s? So six ordered. Installed I-lines on the irons (see review @ I-line).
    First, I like the old LOGO!!!!
    UTx? Grey R.E.L. ACE (except the black, black R.E.L ACE) with a contrasting color cord from the outer color layer (be it thin and broken). It already looks broken end, which looks good to me.. This is a VERY SOFT feeling grip compared to other cords or other grips for that matter! Weight? 1 of 6 was 51.5g and the others were 54g’s (+2g)., all three color.
    I can use these without glove.. Oh, YELL!!!


  43. Perfect combination

    I put these on some extra clubs I use at the range. I don’t keep a glove in my car and between north east humidity and sweaty palms, practice can be annoying. As I have gotten older, I prefer a softer grip, full cords tear my hands up. These grips are perfect combination, not to soft, not to hard, you know the rest. I can go an entire session without a glove. If you like the feel of Winn with more texture, these are for you. I like having the choice of color too. Black on woods and hybrids, blue on irons and red on wedges, why? Too much time to think about it and I can.


  44. Nice product

    Great feel, even when wet. Easy to install; nice product.


  45. Looks great

    The grips looks great and feels great on the club, but a little costly. I’ve had other lampkin grips as good for less money.


  46. Best combination of everything you’d want in a grip

    Play golf for a while and you’ve probably used every top brand of grip on a variety of clubs. Full-cord, half-cord, velvet, vibration dampening, etc. These new Lamkin grips offer the best combination of everything you’d want in a grip. They are firm, tacky, with an excellent coarseness and feel which seems to stay that way quite longer than most grips. The best part is that they aren’t decorated with goofy graphics, colors, and logos. With that said, they do look worn and used as new. The positive is that they never look worn out! I highly recommend these grips.


  47. Best gripping texture

    This grip is soft, but not too: it has about the best gripping texture I have tried. This is my first mid’size and I like it. When I pick up another club with standard, it feels small-ish.
    I say my favorite so far, and I regrip about once a year for over 20 years.


  48. Easy on the hands

    Installed them at the beginning of the season, and they still look like new (I play 75+ rounds a year and practice 5 or so hrs per week). These grips are soft and easy on the hands, which is important to me because I play w/o a glove.


  49. Great feel

    Just installed them. They have a great feel !


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