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Learn the right way. Play the best way.

Lamkin Training Grips are an excellent tool designed to teach golfers the proper hand and finger positioning for the ideal golf grip.

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Feel is engineered in every aspect of the Training Grip

Grip Characteristics

The Feel of Improvement

Every Lamkin grip is designed to suit the different preferences of feel. Material, feedback, surface texture, tac, and taper are the key characteristics that help distinguish a grip’s unique attributes.

  • Material
    Soft Firm
  • Feedback
    Less More
  • Surface Texture
    Refined Aggressive
  • Tac
    Less More
  • Taper
    Less More
text that says Feel

Training Grip Reviews

Hear From Our Customers

  1. I have used a trainer club without the ability to hit the ball. got another grip and put on a wedge for front yard use. Should be able to dial in my chipping. Looking for a score drop. Nice product. Had not problem with install. Take your time you have time to adjust it if you put plety of goop on the shaft and inside of the grip. Nice.


  2. After Pascal from Lamkin explained me how to mount the grip, I was happy with the product.

    “You need to use the white upside down V shape on the bottom hand of the training grip as your reference point. The point on the V is what you want to use to line this grip up to the clubface. This point should be lined up parallel to the leading edge of the clubface.”


  3. Great

    I have to use the training grips because I have two fingers missing on my left hand. I have your grips on all my clubs. They fill great

    Robert E.

  4. Great for practicing

    Installed on old club for myself to keep proper hand position. Did another club LH for my son-in-law. Also did one JR size for Grandson.
    great for pratcing


  5. Best value

    Best value for any training


  6. Too small

    too small for average man’s hands


  7. Helps develop muscle memory

    Definitely helps me develop muscle memory for my hands.


  8. Excellent product

    Excellent product. Works great for training grip and seems well constructed and durable. Very comfortable to use.

    Tina R

  9. Recommend to any lady golfer…

    I have had a serious grip issue for years. Originally, I used men’s training grip, but since I have found about this grip, it works so much better than men’s because I have such small hands. Would recommend to any lady golfer who experiences grip problem like I do.

    Deborah Y.

  10. Exactly as stated

    Product exactly as stated. Gives you a good idea as to how you should be gripping the club. The only negative is that it is a short grip. Can be mounted on a regular club.

    Anthony bolina

  11. Worth the money

    Good product and you will be surprised on just how much this grip teaches the “feel” needed to have nice one-piece take aways. You think you have a good grip until this grip forces your hands into the correct position. A real eye-opener, so therefore worth the money

    Darren Salvin

  12. Will help me…

    Grip was a bit small but will help me immensely.

    Theresa Kendrick

  13. Does the job

    Does the job but it would be better if they put alignment marks on the top surface to help in aligning it with the club face like regular grips have.


  14. Highly recommend…

    I put these GRIPS on my old driver and six iron to help instill the proper grip as I constantly adjust and readjust it at address. Within a few trips to the driving range I was hitting the ball longer and straighter consistently. I highly recommend to all beginning golfers as well as those who tend to hook or slice the ball (most golfers).


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