ST+ Hybrid

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The Perfect Combination of Control and Comfort

An all-around performance grip with “Smooth Tac” Genesis Material incorporated into two distinct zones, providing more traction in the upper hand, and a soft tactile feel in the lower for incredible performance and comfort.

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Feel is engineered in every aspect of ST+ Hybrid

Grip Characteristics

The Feel of ST+ Hybrid

Every Lamkin grip is designed to suit the different preferences of feel. Material, feedback, surface texture, tac, and taper are the key characteristics that help distinguish a grip’s unique attributes.

  • Material
    Soft Firm
  • Feedback
    Less More
  • Surface Texture
    Refined Aggressive
  • Tac
    Less More
  • Taper
    Less More
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ST+ Hybrid Reviews

Hear From Our Customers

  1. Lamkin has nailed a spot in my bag with the ST+ hybrid. Wow. This grip is just perfect. I normally like a cord grip but this has that feel in a nice softer grip without the harshness of cord. I also love my Sinkfit grip on the Bettinardi 2023 series putter. Great job Lamkin!

    Matty Ice

  2. As with the first reviewer “John Hoben” I have had a similar Experience. These are grips are great under normal conditions, however I found after playing in high humidity can become increasing slick especially at the bottom. Perhaps south west Florida is dry area. Because where I play I find the grips seem to fail under high humidity. Also I found find them hard to square up the club face address. perhaps a bit more taper towards the end of the grip would be good. Otherwise this a great +2 grips is a great alternative golf prides mcc+4. However it seems they still have better performance under wet/humid conditions. However the grip texture and feel are amazing the grips are functioning correctly

    Jeremy H

  3. For years I played the Golf Pride MultiCompound Midsize Grips and for years they were great. However I did notice a drop in quality in the construction of the lower part of the grip as it was showing signs of wear very early on. Looking for a similarly designed grip I came across the ST Hybrid and it is fantastic. Slightly firmer especially in the lower part of the grip versus the Golf Pride and much more durable. The Plus 2 design in the lower hand is exactly what I need as well as I find the MCC Midsize Plus 4 to be a little too large. Excellent grip! Just the right amount of tack. Highly recommended!!!

    Michael Pasvantis

  4. I was writing to let you know that I was fortunate enough to make a hole in one today while using your Lamkin ST Hybrid standard size grips. I switched to these grips a couple of weeks ago and have loved them since the first day. The combination of the new “Smooth Tack” Genesis Material providing a great feel tacky surface is comfortable and tacky even when my hands are sweaty. Which is often the case here in SouthWest Florida during the summer. I also like the soft lower hand for feel
    The shot I hit was a 146 yard 8 iron which was on hole number 5 at RiverHall Country Club in Alva, Florida.

    I love the ST hybrid grips in the standard size and will be playing these going forward. I also will be regripping both of my sons clubs with them as well.

    John Hoeben

  5. These grips are a great combination feel and tac! The feel is great at the bottom of the grip and the + is a very nice addition for people who want reduced taper but the +4 from the other companies is too much! I have been a UTX user from the day they were released, unbeatable traction in poor weather – so the UTX-like corded top of the grip is perfect. This may be the grip that offers me an excellent combination! D$

    Darin Fisher (verified owner)

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