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ST+2 Hybrid

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For any golfer looking for an all around superior performing and soft feeling grip, the ST+2 Hybrid features Lamkin’s newest “Smooth Tack” Genesis Material incorporated into two distinct zones to provide more traction in the upper hand and soft tactile feel in the lower hand. Golfers will fully experience the grips unique hybrid characteristics, thereby gaining more control over their shots.


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  • Weather DRY > WET
  • Feel SOFT > FIRM
  • Swing LOW > HIGH
  • Tacky LESS > MORE
  • Traction LESS > MORE


  • Smooth Tack (ST) Genesis Material provides a great feeling tacky surface that is long-lasting, comfortable and far more resistant to degradation than multi-compound grips from other manufacturers. The ST Hybrid maintains its characteristics in all weather conditions and exposure to UV rays for a longer lifespan
  • Infused Cord in the upper zone blends with ST Genesis Material to give the anchoring hand unmatched traction regardless of weather conditions to offer maximum control without the abrasive feel sometimes associated with cord
  • The grip’s hybrid lower section capitalizes on a smoother, tackier treatment further accentuated by the slightly larger plus 2 design profile to provide the guiding hand a comfortable, tactile feel with excellent durability


3 Review(s) for ST+2 HYBRID Golf Grips
  1. For years I played the Golf Pride MultiCompound Midsize Grips and for years they were great. However I did notice a drop in quality in the construction of the lower part of the grip as it was showing signs of wear very early on. Looking for a similarly designed grip I came across the ST Hybrid and it is fantastic. Slightly firmer especially in the lower part of the grip versus the Golf Pride and much more durable. The Plus 2 design in the lower hand is exactly what I need as well as I find the MCC Midsize Plus 4 to be a little too large. Excellent grip! Just the right amount of tack. Highly recommended!!!

    Michael Pasvantis

  2. I was writing to let you know that I was fortunate enough to make a hole in one today while using your Lamkin ST Hybrid standard size grips. I switched to these grips a couple of weeks ago and have loved them since the first day. The combination of the new “Smooth Tack” Genesis Material providing a great feel tacky surface is comfortable and tacky even when my hands are sweaty. Which is often the case here in SouthWest Florida during the summer. I also like the soft lower hand for feel
    The shot I hit was a 146 yard 8 iron which was on hole number 5 at RiverHall Country Club in Alva, Florida.

    I love the ST hybrid grips in the standard size and will be playing these going forward. I also will be regripping both of my sons clubs with them as well.

    John Hoeben

  3. These grips are a great combination feel and tack! The feel is great at the bottom of the grip and the +2 is a very nice addition for people who want reduced taper but the +4 from the other companies is too much! I have been a UTx user from the day they were released, unbeatable traxion in poor weather – So the UTx-like corded top of the grip is perfect. This may be the grip that offers me an excellent combination! D$

    Darin Fisher (verified owner)

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