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For golfers who prefer the feel of wrap style grips and looking for innovative technology designed to help their game the Sonar+ Wrap Calibrate is the first and only wrap grip featuring reminder technology promoting consistent hand placement and greater control of the club during the swing to better square the face at impact. Also featuring Fingerprint Technology and Genesis Material, Sonar+ Wrap Calibrate is a solid performer by providing a tacky feel with excellent traction, in all weather conditions.


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  • Weather DRY > WET
  • Feel SOFT > FIRM
  • Swing LOW > HIGH
  • Tacky LESS > MORE
  • Traction LESS > MORE


3 Review(s) for SONAR+ WRAP CALIBRATE Golf Grips
  1. Ten years ago, I had GP Tour Wraps with a reminder. They stopped making that and until Lampkin came out with the Sonar+ Wrap Calibrate, I was unable to find a great wrap with a reminder. Even though I am in the Northeast, I have played about a dozen times this year, 5x in Florida and the rest in weather between 35 and 55. I don’t wear a glove and have found these to be the best grips I have ever played. No slipping, no digging into my skin, just great hand to club contact. I had my golf pro order and install all within a week. Great product!

    Jim Connaughton

  2. For anyone living in or around northwest Indiana J@M GOLF IN St John is offering the free grip with installation.
    I printed up a coupon for my brother in law he took it to J@M and they installed the grip no problems.
    J@M has moved farther north on Rt 41…….
    Hope this helps……..

    do1104 (verified owner)

  3. I decided to try Lamkin Sonar Wrap+ Calibrate grip.

    First problem is Dick’s does not carry Lamkin Grips and Galaxy is 30 miles from my house.

    The free grip add calls for Dicks as one of the stores involved in the giveway.
    Contacted Mike in customer service and he was FANTASTIC. He tome be they would be sending me out a grip via Fed Ex.

    Got the grip in a timely manner but the grip only comes in a standard size but by putting on 4 wraps of masking tape and 1 warp of grip tape = midsize or close to it.

    Tried the grip on my driver. This grip is everything it is advertised and more. I am more than pleased with not only the grip but the customer service as well.

    After showing the grip to a couple of Golfing Buddies they are also interested but like me live to far from Golf Galaxy. I ggrip my own clubs but getting the grips in my area is a hassle. But I am interested in the grips. Great grip, fantastic customer service. Overall a great experience!!!

    LAMKIN Edits
    – The promotion is available through participating locations and not all Dick’s are part of the program
    – The number of locations participating is growing daily
    – The Sonar+ Wrap Calibrate is a +4 design meaning that there is less tape in the grip and the lower hand is larger than standard grips
    – The grip is only available in Standard size so adding tape to make it Midsize is a smart way to go

    DON (verified owner)

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