Crossline Full Cord

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The Player's Cord

Tour-proven performance, classic looks, and excellent feel. Crossline Full Cord features a highly-durable compound and best-in-class torsion control for improved shot-making and confidence. The addition of cord to one of Lamkin’s best-selling grips makes the Crossline Full Cord a popular choice on the PGA Tour.



Feel is engineered in every aspect of Crossline Full Cord

Grip Characteristics

The Feel of Crossline Full Cord

Every Lamkin grip is designed to suit the different preferences of feel. Material, feedback, surface texture, tac, and taper are the key characteristics that help distinguish a grip’s unique attributes.

  • Material
    Soft Firm
  • Feedback
    Less More
  • Surface Texture
    Refined Aggressive
  • Tac
    Less More
  • Taper
    Less More
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Crossline Full Cord Reviews

Hear From Our Customers

  1. I used to have to change grips at least once a year with the grips I used to use . I play nearly everyday and those other grips would become hard and slick before the year was out . I tried Lambkin Crossline full cord oversize , and I’ll never use anything else . I guess I can no longer get the oversize but perhaps the midsize will do with extra tape . I play with no glove and they grip perfectly

    Lawrence A. Johnson (verified owner)

  2. I have been using Lamkin UTX Wrap Cord and love those grips but after they were discontinued I’ve been trying these and absolutely love them! I fight a lot of moisture in my hands while playing and these have been great. I love the feel and have nothing but great things to say about this grip. Hope this is one that never goes away because I’m sold on it! Thanks Lamkin


  3. Best all around grip

    These make me only want to swing my Callaway Apex even more. They aren’t only sharp but comfortable and high performing.


  4. great grips

    Had these grips in my set for over a year now and love the feeling of them!


  5. I love this grip

    Classic. Timeless. Tour proven. One of my favorite grips. I’ve played these for years and they’re fantastic. Rubber is quality, it holds up well. Great for any weather condition. It never slips. And it comes in Oversize which I love, fits me perfectly


  6. Great !!!!

    71 and still depending on quality Larkin grips for over 50 years


  7. Never going to change from Lamkin Crossline Full-Cord

    I have been using these grips since I was 14 years old… I’m not going to say how old I am now. Great grips which will be using on my next set of clubs


  8. I’ve played with Crossline cords for over 30 years. Easy to put on and they keep their good feel.

    Best grip I’ve ever used.


  9. Fantastic

    Excellent grip all year round have all these on my clubs and are still like new


  10. Best Grip for any weather.

    I have used this for over 20 years best all round performer in any conditions. Don’t change what works.


  11. Quality grip and fair price.

    Great feel and love the reminder. Not many options these days for reminder grips.


  12. Excellent grips

    Best grips i have ever used. The shape and texture are great. .580 round are a slightly shorter and thicker than golf pride which i like.


  13. Best grips

    Still one of the best grips out on the course. The price is right also.


  14. Terrific

    These grips are terrific! The surface helps me with my grip and adds comfort to my swing

    Alan C.

  15. Great product

    Great product. Frequently play 36 in a day, with these grips i have no hand fatiuge.

    Big Steve

  16. Great all weather performance

    Use on all my clubs. Great all weather performance. Very high cord count.


  17. Works in all conditions

    This grip has been on all my clubs for years. Long lasting, great quality. Cold, wet, or sweat this grip works in all conditions.


  18. Always liked corded grips…

    Have always liked corded grips – especially playing in hot weather – hoiwever a down side for some is that you will get callous on ungloved hand but so what !

    Mark A. Sullivan

  19. More confidence

    I’ve been using these grips for years as they give me more confidence in the connection between my hands and the club. They are definitely softer and longer lasting than any other cord grips – though I can play with them longer than one season, I replace my grips every year. I really appreciate the amount of cord embedded in the slightly softer rubber, and due to the softness, my gloves don’t wear prematurely as they did with the GP full cords. They were making all black Crossline cords for a while and don’t seem to be anymore except for the Tour model, but it has less cord and is ribbed – my hands must be super sensitive because I can’t abide the rib and must have round. I used a new lightweight material grip on a set of irons to gain some head feel, but that gain wasn’t worth giving up the cord feel. I recently added two extra wraps of tape to the right hand (lower hand) position and the difference, thought small, was noticeable and satisfying. These are “A #1, top of the heap” grips.

    Painter 33

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