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Crossline Black

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The best-selling Crossline grip delivers maximum surface traction and outstanding torsion control.  With more than $300,000,000 in worldwide Tour earnings, Crossline grips have been a favorite among top players for nearly 20 years.

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  • Weather DRY > WET
  • Feel SOFT > FIRM
  • Swing LOW > HIGH
  • Tacky LESS > MORE
  • Traction LESS > MORE


4 Review(s) for CROSSLINE BLACK Golf Grips
  1. Fantastic

    My all time go-to grip. These things are battle tested and perfect for all conditions. Great traction, they last longer than most brands. Just wipe them down every so often. I love that they come in Oversize as well.


  2. would prefer a .600 size

    I agree with david, great grip but a 600 size would make regripping easier.


  3. Fantastic grips

    Absolutely fantastic grips. For the price, you definitely won’t find a better grip. As someone who has typically used NDMC, these grips offer a great amount of traction even without cord. I personally love the .580 round because .600 round is smaller than I prefer, but Midsize grips are too large. This offers up a perfect in-between size.


  4. Great grip

    Best grip for my money. Need to make it in a .600 core as almost all shafts are .600 now.


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