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Crossline 360

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For fans of Lamkin’s legendary Crossline series who prefer a classic design with a slightly softer feel without sacrificing control. Crossline 360 features an enhanced ‘universal’ Crossline pattern with an upgraded softer rubber compound that provides omni-directional traction as well as great all-weather performance.

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  • Weather DRY > WET
  • Feel SOFT > FIRM
  • Swing LOW > HIGH
  • Tacky LESS > MORE
  • Traction LESS > MORE


5 Review(s) for CROSSLINE 360 Golf Grips
  1. Best grip I have ever used in 30 years of golfing and club making. I’m old school and don’t wear a glove so I love a little softer grip and wearability.
    Also a great price!

    jeffery petersen

  2. great grip…performs exactly the way you expect.

    I like the grip, but would appreciate an option to have reduced taper, so I don’t have to do a lot of tape buildup under the lower 2/3rd of the grip. But a winning initial offering just the same


  3. Very Happy!

    I love these grips! They’re versatile and perform well for me! I like their feel and never have to worry about my hands slipping through impact – even in humid heat!


  4. Classy classic

    The Crossline is a timeless classic. Better than ever in my opinion. You know exactly what you are getting with this grip, trust between your hands and the club.


  5. Tacky but soft

    Great feeling grips, tacky dont slip but are soft as well wont tear up your hands.


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