Arthritic Grip

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Promotes lighter grip pressure and more hours of play

With a unique nubbed texture and larger profile, the popular Arthritic Grip promotes much lighter grip pressure, allowing players with limited hand and arm strength to comfortably and confidently grip their clubs.

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Feel is engineered in every aspect of the Arthritic Grip

The Feel of Arthritic Grip

Every Lamkin grip is designed to suit the different preferences of feel. Material, feedback, surface texture, tac, and taper are the key characteristics that help distinguish a grip’s unique attributes.

  • Material
    Soft Firm
  • Feedback
    Less More
  • Surface Texture
    Refined Aggressive
  • Tac
    Less More
  • Taper
    Less More
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Arthritic Grip Reviews

Hear From Our Customers

  1. I have 3 sets of clubs in various locations in North America. My hands curl at times, locking up. I switched to this grip on all of my sets about 6-7 years ago. 4 wraps of carpet tape under the grip,and you have , for me, my ultimate comfort grip! Almost NO pressure to hold on the the club when I swing.
    If you are experiencing any hand pain, this is the only grip , in my opinion, you should be using.

    Sid Goldberg

  2. I’ve been using these grips on my drivers for seven years now and they are quite simply fantastic. So many raised little rubber nubs interacting with the nerves in your hands gives complete and instantaneous grip feedback. These highly non-slip grips allow complete control of the driver throughout the swing. Highly, highly recommended, and I am not “arthritic”.


  3. Two years ago I ordered these grips for one of my 89 year old golfing buddies. He loved them. Since then four or five of golfers in our park have asked me to order and change their grips for them. They all love them

    Richard A Keana (verified owner)

  4. A soft or super-soft rubber grip, absorbs shock, increases comfort and reduces exertion on your hands when gripping the club. Oversize golf grips reduce pain and are recommended for players who have arthritis or experience hand strain because the bigger the grip, the less pressure your hands need to apply.

  5. Fantastic grip!

    I’m a disabled golfer with a neurological disease. This grip is fantastic and it’s just what I need! Thanks Lamkin!

    Ale Don

  6. Best grip ever

    I added one to my Ping driver. Best grip ever.

    AzPacker Fan

  7. great product!!

    This is truly the most remarkable golf accessory on the market. These grips allow a much better feel and control of club rotation, especially for older golfers. A++


  8. Thank you Lamkin!

    I couldn’t play without these grips. I have rheumatoid arthritis but these grips let me play through the stiffness. Love these grips ! Thanks Lamkin !

    B. Sheeran

  9. Less arthritis pain, better feel

    I have osteoarthritis in my hands. These grips make a world of difference. “Stingers” don’t hurt nearly as much. And it’s a lot easier to use light grip pressure and not feel like you’re about to lose the club. I have small hands, but that doesn’t seem to matter. In fact, I read that a new trend is to larger grips with less taper for everyone.


  10. Best of the best

    I like these grips. The best ones l ever had. I have had chemo and these help my grip. Now to regrip the hole set. I showed the grips to my friends and now these are going to get them.


  11. Feel so much better

    First, my hands are not over-size; I wear a size medium or large glove. I first bought these grips about 6-8 years ago when I developed trigger finger in fingers of both hands. Procedures on both hands left the palms sore, particularly while gripping anything. The grips provided a much less painful grip and swing. I no longer have trigger finger but do now have arthritis; it’s difficult to fully close my hands and these grips eliminate that problem with their large diameter. Another aid is the soft, knobby exterior that eliminates slippage without using extra grip pressure. I still re-grip every club I buy with these. I’m a little surprised that conventional grips aren’t larger as these feel so much better.

    Bill F.

  12. This isn’t it…

    I was looking for a padded large golf grip, but this isn’t it. Has small nubs all over the grip, but these do not help protect my hands sufficiently

    M. Ellen Hedglin

  13. Excellent for anyone with a loose grip

    I have peripheral neuropathy in my hands so I can’t grip hard. These grips are excellent for anyone with a loose grip or people who can’t wear a glove.


  14. Exellent


    Shirly Rochelle

  15. Great with arthritic hands

    I have used these before and they are great with arthritic hands. They allow you to grip much more softly and put less pressure on the arthritis.

    Donald R. Rieger

  16. Best grips

    I’m 73 and I have 2 older brothers that love golfing, Got a call from the middle guy to try these grip’s, Best grip’s I have ever tried, Club’s don’t slip or slide, have firm grip without squeezing, everyone who has any kind of arthritis should try these grip’s.

    Bernard Ortiz

  17. No arthritis and love this grip

    The name implies that this grip is for those who have some arthritis in their hands and cannot hold the club that well. Nonsense. I have always found grips to be too smooth. I have no arthritis and love this grip. Finally a grip I can hold where the club never slips in my hands. I use it only on the woods which works for me. The grip is like rough sandpaper. Worth the purchase if you occasionally have slipping hands on the club. No difference I can see from any other grip other than a rougher surface.


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