Plus Size Grips

Reduced-Taper Profile

For Greater Shot Control and Consistency

Lamkin’s PLUS size grips feature a straighter, reduced-taper shape to eliminate excess grip tension and allow a golfer’s hand to work in unison for greater shot control and consistency.

Traditional Taper

Traditional grip shapes feature a consistent taper that decreases in diameter by 20-25% from the cap to the tip. This classic-style profile is commonly used and provides a reliable grip feel for many players.

Sonar+ Grip shown horizontally
Sonar+ Grip show vertically

New Plus Shape

  • 50% less taper than traditional grips.
  • Slightly smaller diameter in the upper hand.
  • Larger diameter in the lower hand.
  • Creates a straighter, more parallel grip shape.
  • Equivalent to 4 extra layers of tape in the bottom hand.
  • Provides consistent feel in both hands.
  • Encourages the ideal grip pressure.
  • Reduces hand and arm stress for more consistent shots.