• Blue is available in
    • Standard
    • Midsize
    Utx - Color Blue
  • Red is available in
    • Standard
    • Midsize
    Utx - Color Red
  • Black is available in
    • Standard
    • Midsize
    Utx - Color Black
  • Utx - Color Blue
  • Utx - Color Red
  • Utx - Color Black

A Revolutionary Multi-Layer Grip that takes All-Weather Performance and Great-Feeling Playability to a New Extreme.

Grip Features

  • Proprietary Tri-Layer Technology features:
      1. Tacky and softer ACE 3GEN foundation
      2. Moisture wicking fabric weave
      3. Firmer ACE 3GEN top layer
  • Patented ACE 3GEN delivers unmatched vibration dampening and surface tackiness
  • Firm outer layer provides exceptional torsion control
  • Unique finishing process creates a distinctively stylish grip

Performance Benefits

  • Excellent grip confidence in all weather conditions
  • Low torque design for greater accuracy and shot control
  • Enhanced comfort with a softer, tackier foundation
  • 3GEN shock absorption to protect a golfer's hands and arms without dulling shot feedback

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Ideal for players looking for a great feeling grip that provides a confident connection in wet conditions
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Description Part Number Core Size Nominal Weight
UTx Standard Black 101201 0.580 52
UTx Standard Blue 101202 0.580 52
UTx Standard Red 1010203 0.580 52
UTx Midsize Black 101204 0.580 63
UTx Midsize Blue 101205 0.580 63
UTx Midsize Red 101206 0.580 63