Finally!  Spring has arrived, and with it expectations for warmer weather, extra daylight hours, MORE GOLF, and the time-honored commitment to Spring Cleaning.  While the annual cleaning frenzy is typically focused on closets, garages, offices and home interiors, it’s also an excellent time to properly and thoroughly clean your golf equipment.  After all, unless you live in the warm southern corners of the country, your golf bag and clubs have probably been sitting around collecting dust for the last few months.  Spring is the perfect time to reorganize your bag and clean your clubs and golf grips.   

The simplest and most effective way to clean your golf grips are GRIPES Grip Cleaning Wipes.  You’ll need a pack of GRIPES Wipes and less than 10 minutes to clean your whole set of clubs.  After you’ve finished cleaning all of your grips, place the pack of GRIPES in your bag and use the convenient wipes throughout the season to immediately reactivate grip tackiness.  Available at select retailers and on Amazon.com for $5.99 a pack. 

If you played more than 40 rounds last season, it’s probably time to reinvest in NEW golf grips. Replacing your grips with new, properly sized grips allows you to play with greater control and consistency, and ultimately could save you up to 4-5 strokes per round!  Click here to learn more about the benefits of playing with the right golf grips.  To find the perfect grip for your golf game, visit Lamkin’s exclusive interactive grip fitter.