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The new Z5 features five distinctive grip zones scientifically engineered to promote proper hand placement and the ideal light pressure grip with every swing. The grip’s multi compound foundation is combined with a functional network of textures and patterns to deliver enhanced comfort, control and consistency. Select colors available in new Standard Plus size with a reduced taper profile.

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  • Weather DRY > WET
  • Feel SOFT > FIRM
  • Swing LOW > HIGH
  • Tacky LESS > MORE
  • Traction LESS > MORE


11 Review(s) for Z5 Golf Grips
  1. Playing the Z5 Standard Plus for two seasons now.

    The grip is a great all around grip that should please the majority of players.

    Playing several times per week, I am sure to replace my grips at least once per year.

    I find the Z5 grips to provide a stable feel at setup and throughout the swing; no slipping, no sliding, and no grabbing at the top of the swing, which i find with grips that are too soft.

    The Z5 is tacky and secure in the top hand and a tad smoother in the lower hand providing for a relaxed grip for any shots. The multiple texture of the Z5 provides exceptional stability, traction, feel and touch.

    I use the Z5 through my set from woods, hybrids, irons, and wedges. The Z5 provide plenty of feel and touch on all my approach, pitch, and chip shots.

    Most recently, I installed Lamkin Player’s Cord grips for Fall and Winter weather conditions. Both the Z5 and Players Cord are tremendous grips.

    Understanding that all players have individual preferences, for me, Lamkin Grips just happen to provide me a greater feel of performance, feel of stability, feel of touch, and the feel of confidence. So, for me, I play Lamkin.


  2. Great grip

    I have had z5 grips on my ping clubs for long time and I really like the feel and repeatable grip location


  3. Okay

    They’re fine for the price. But certainly not the grip or durability of a gp mcc


  4. Great installer

    Z 5 grips were easy to install and look and feel great. LAMKIN, you have got another winner !!!


  5. Great grip

    Got the Z5 tour taper now the Z5 standard plus and it is outstanding. Feels better then the GolfPride MCC +4.


  6. Nice feel and price

    Totally impressed with the feel. A little softer than utx. I will replace my ndmc grips with these.


  7. Excellent midsize grip

    Unique grip. Replaced my Crossline A.C.E. grips with these. Love the different textures and the thumb reminder. Added 4 wraps to lower hand to make them less tapered – no problem putting them on.. Choose these grips to replace the stock grips on my new Mizuno JPX-EZ irons and all my other clubs.


  8. Lamkins best grip yet!

    Z5 is a great grip! Cheaper then NDMC as well as softer and easier on your hands. Definitely a must try if you are in the market for new grips!


  9. Perfect for experienced and beginners!!!

    3 rounds in and couldn’t ask for better grips no more tired hands does help reduce the stress and allows for more consistent hand placement if using the alignment, and have to be very meticulous on alignment but I have no issues installing them.

    David TX

  10. Nice

    I enjoy the texture and tackiness of this grip overall great job by the company. I can not wait to use these grips on the course.


  11. Excellent

    Overall good grip just make sure you have it lined up properly if doing yourself!


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