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Less tension. More Durability. Better feel.

A distinctive and high-performance grip, TS1 features Fingerprint Technology for unmatched feel and responsiveness. A reduced-taper relaxes grip tension for a more fluid swing, while our Genesis compound assures exceptional durability and allows it to maintain its feel—no matter the weather conditions.


Feel is engineered into every aspect of TS1

Instruction Video Series

Find Your Feel with Stan Utley

Expert instructor Stan Utley discusses how grips can improve your game and score.

Grip Characteristics

The Feel of TS1

Each grip is designed to suit the different preferences of feel. Material, feedback, surface texture, tackiness, and grip taper are the key characteristics that help distinguish a grip's unique attributes.

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TS1 Reviews

Hear From Our Customers

  1. Was needing new grips and went with the TS1. Outstanding grip! Firm but excellent traction. Color was perfect on my KBS graphite shafts.


  2. Played with Cross Line for years, switched to Sonar 1 1/2 years ago …loved them, but felt I was not having the feel I wanted. Changed to TSI this year, best grip yet. Gives me the feel of the club I want and the shock damping desired.

    Dave Callahan (verified owner)

  3. Installed on driver and love the results and feel. I consistently hit more fairways since installing. Once my current Lamkin grips on my irons wear down I will Install the TS1 grips.

    Randy (verified owner)

  4. Oh, yeah! 50 years playing golf. Best grips. On my second set.
    Doug – March 9, 2020

    Doug Byrd

  5. Nice grip

    Tried this grip on my driver and really like the feel.


  6. Amazing

    I’m using on my all set of Irons P770 4-P and excellent feeling and beautiful Looks .. Best Grips Ever


  7. Amazing grips

    Threw these on my woods and I couldn’t be happier. Great performance with great feel!


  8. Great Grip!

    A great grip. Just the right amount of tackiness and firmness for superior workability.

    Chris M

  9. Terrific

    This great looks great and feels great. It has a familiar traditional feel but the Fingerprint technology ridges on it gives you fantastic feel and security. It’s great in hot humid wet conditions and dry conditions. It’s durable. Great product.


  10. Great for all conditions and great feedback!

    He ts1 provides good feedback and allows for maximum grip in all conditions. Highly recommend.


  11. You have to do yourself a favor, Try these grip so!

    I have been playing golf for a more than 50 years , over 30 as a PGA professional. This new release from Lamkin … TS1, Sonar, Comfort Plus , are the finest, most comprehensive line I have seen. The options of firmness,, fingerprint technology, and tackiness of the new Genesis material covers any preference you may have. I have been a life long Lamkin player and was looking to find a replacement for the Crossline ace , my favorite. Found it! Can’t get over how great these grips are. Deciding between the TS1 and Sonar … waiting to try the Sonar Tour. Crazy to be this excited over grips. I have recommended this line to all my students. These grips could be the 15th club! Outstanding product. Again, well done Lamkin. If possible, please post this on the TS1, Sonar, and Comfort Plus pages. Can’t be beat.


  12. Great grip

    Best grip i have ever used.


  13. Great grip

    5 Stars. Best grip ever. I got the midsize free grip and ended up ordering full set.


  14. Secret weapon

    I love how easy it is to get the club on the back of the ball with my new TS1 grips. I can hold the club much lighter and score better. In the high humidity of the south it’s like I have secret weapon over my buddies. Get them and then shhhhh….

    Viking golfer

  15. Best new grip out there!

    Replaced the grip on my 3 wood with the TS1 . Very happy with the results.. Likely to change over my MCC4+ to the TS1 in the next regripping cycle. The TS1 is everything I look for in an all weather grip. Thank you for the sample.

    Bob R

  16. driver grip

    i really like this grip on my driver, its very solid and has a firm but not too firm feeling and it actually dampens the hit a bit i think, , i wish they made it in blue like the sonar as well


  17. My new favorite grip

    Perfect grips, just the right amount of traction, super comfortable and lots of torsion control. I love the size, larger lower hand.


  18. Best Feeling Grip

    I can’t stop raving about how good these grips feel and how well they performed in the rain. No slipping, total confidence even in really wet conditions. Great grip!


  19. WOW!

    I’ve been playing in cold and wet weather and these grips feel incredible, very comfortable and tons of control. I will never use another grip.


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