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R.E.L. ACE Golf Grips

Product Review (submitted on September 22, 2016):
I recently had an occasion to deal with Lamkin’s customer service regarding some UTx grips. I have to say they were very easy to deal with as well as courteous and professional. They offered me a complete set of the grips of my choice plus shipping at no charge.
I have always played the Lamkin 3Gen grip which I liked very much. After trying the UTx, as fine a grip as it is, it just wasn’t for me. I chose a set of the new R.E.L. Ace grips. These have out shinned the 3 Gen that I liked so much. They are tacky and comfortable. You can still feel the club and it has a bit of a cushioning effect. Feedback is instant and complete. I have used them for 8 rounds and found that after 3 or 4 rounds a quick wipe down with water completely restores the original tacky feeling of the grip.
I am very pleased with the improvement Lamkin has made with these R.E.L. grips and strongly recommend them along with a solid well placed company.