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Crossline Full-Cord Golf Grips

Product Review (submitted on August 25, 2015):
I've been using these grips for years as they give me more confidence in the connection between my hands and the club. They are definitely softer and longer lasting than any other cord grips - though I can play with them longer than one season, I replace my grips every year. I really appreciate the amount of cord embedded in the slightly softer rubber, and due to the softness, my gloves don't wear prematurely as they did with the GP full cords. They were making all black Crossline cords for a while and don't seem to be anymore except for the Tour model, but it has less cord and is ribbed - my hands must be super sensitive because I can't abide the rib and must have round. I used a new lightweight material grip on a set of irons to gain some head feel, but that gain wasn't worth giving up the cord feel. I recently added two extra wraps of tape to the right hand (lower hand) position and the difference, thought small, was noticeable and satisfying. These are "A #1, top of the heap" grips.