Crossline Golf Grips

Crossline Golf Grips

The best-selling Crossline grip delivers maximum surface traction and outstanding torsion control.  With more than $200,000,000 in worldwide Tour earnings, Crossline grips have been a favorite among top players for nearly 20 years.

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Best ever
I use nothing else but lamkin
Thomas Browning
Awesome Grips
I love these grips, feel and look. I wish they would bring back the red and white colorway.
Just Perfect!
i kept coming back on this crossline grip. Nobody beats the feel on my personal opinion.
Great grips at a great price.
Great iron grips. Replaced old set of Golf Pride grips with Lamkins, and am very pleased. Can't be...
Long lasting
Best Grip I ever used
They are the best grip I've ever had
It has a very nice feel to it and I've also had them for 3 years and about to get some more for my w...
Lamkin 36
Great feel
Great feel. Have owned for 4 years and they don't wear out.
Jeff in NorCal
The last set I used for 3 years without any problems.
Last forever..
still can not find a better grip over all...last forever if you keep them clean... do miss the old l...
I had tried the regular Lambkin grip and it is good but this one is superior, especially for irons a...
Mark A. Stratford
Recommend for any golfer
I have had my set of grips for two years now and I am just replacing them. I play four days per week...
Lloyd D.
Club control
These are the best grips I've ever purchased. Going to buy 4 more to complete the set. Noticed impro...
Jack C.
Good grip, good feel
I rate these grip a 4 only because there is always room for improvement. Love the grips but don't kn...
Rick R.
Great great grips
Great great grips, the only ones I have used for many years, and will use no others
Thomas B.
Best grip on the market
This is absolutely the best grip on the market. They last a LONG time and keep their feel and textur...
Great feel
Not much to say about grips. Although, Since moving up to the oversized Lamkin, My game has been mor...
More control now
I was looking for a grip that would be functional whether or not I was wearing a glove. This grip ha...
Perfect grip
What can I say, proven value and excellent feel in one perfect grip. Nothing seems to replace what t...
Grip increases with use
Not as tacky at first but grip increases with use.
Gives me confidence, helps with my control, and feels great before and after impact.
Fine grips
These are fine grips that are inexpensive and have excellent traction. Great for the average player.
Long lasting
Solid feel and long lasting. Used this grip for years in hot or wet weather the grip does not get sl...
Used nothing but GP until Lamkin crosslines came on my new irons last year. They have been excellent...
Great value
The Lamkin Crossline grip has been on my clubs for years; If you replace grips more than once a year...
Feel and functionality
These grips are the bomb. Can I say "bomb" in a review? Feel and functionality. I went mid...
Quality grip
The Lamkin Crossline grip has been around for years and for good reason. It's a quality grip at a gr...
A little slick
Feel great until you get a little sweat on them. Then they start to get a little slick. They stay a ...
Good looking and feeling
good looking and feeling grip that is soft enough for my liking but has enough grip to feel comforta...
Won't use any other grip
I won't use any other grip. I've tried expensive grips and all other kinds. This grip is functional ...
Great grips
Great grips. I have used these grips before and thought they were great. I live in the south with hi...
grip is excellent will sweaty palms no need for gloves
Exactly what I needed
was exactly what I needed at a fair price--lamkin makes a good product
Very durable
Two years ago i got myself some custom made clubs and used the same Lamkin grips and after two years...
Playing for a long time now...
I've been playing this grip for a long time now. Don't see any reason to switch to anything else. So...
Durable, tacky & comfortable
I had the new grip installed on my TM 5 wood. I trust the Lamkin Crossline grips, and have them on a...
I replaced midsized Dri-tacs with these inexpensive grips and they are terrific. Great feel!!! I thi...
Excellent grip
I installed these grips on all of my irons. The Lamkin crossline provides excellent grip, feedback a...
Love these
Absolutely love these. Wish I would've bought these sooner. Bought two and put on my driver and fair...
Part-time Golfer
Excellent Performers
Lamkin Crossline grips are excellent performers under any conditions. After trying a few other brand...
Lasts a very long time
I find that the Lamkin grips , especially the cross hatch design last a very long time and the grip ...
Go buy them
Excellent grip for the average player! Go buy them
These new Lamkin Crossline Midsize grips are so superior to the ones that came on the clubs. The fit...
Solid feeling
This grip was very easy to put on and has made such a solid feeling now while swinging the club. The...
Fits nicely
I like to use the midsize grip cause it fits nicely into my hands. The Lamkin grip is especially com...
Striking with confidence
Product fits my hands extraordinary well. Striking the ball with confidence; driver through wedges.
Solid feel
I have been using Lamkin grips for about two years now and find them to be comfortable and have a so...
Quality and value
You just can't beat Lamkin grips for quality and value, and the bonus is they look great on just abo...
Hackers Anonymous
Very comfortable feel
been wanting to get new grips since June.....finally just went and did it.....glad I did.....wish I ...
Great feel
I have used this product before and without hesitation I put the same on my new clubs. They have a g...
Good feel
Have always liked this grip. Good feel and lasts a whole season.
Comfortable and efficient
The most comfortable and efficient grips I have tried.
Can now hit pain-free
Needed midsize grips as old age and arthritis are causing the fingers to close less. I can now hit t...
These are great...
My husband plays golf 6 days a week and goes thru grips often.
These are great according to h...
Barbara Paul
So far, so good!
Just wanted some basic decent grips for my Cobra irons and the price was right. So far, so good!
Jody A. Gibson "jag512"
Great grip
As advertised- great grip
kathleen mongeau
Great quality
Great quality for your better clubs and installs easily
Work well in wet conditions
Have tried other brand grips over the years but always come back to Lamkin Crossline. These grips fe...
Houston Golfer
Always go back to Crossline
Every time I try a different grip, I am unhappy and always go back to the Lamkin Crossline. Not too ...
Lisa Morrow

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