The Feel of Crossline

Crossline Plus ACE Gray

Incredible Tack. Classic Feel. Distinctive Color.

Our patented ACE technology is a super-tacky, vibration dampening material created to give players a more comfortable and relaxed connection to their club. With its Tour-proven feel, a reduce taper profile in a distinctive gray color, this Crossline will feel at home in any golfer’s hands.


Feel is engineered into every aspect of Crossline Plus ACE Gray

Instruction Video Series

Find Your Feel with Stan Utley

Expert instructor Stan Utley discusses how grips can improve your game and score.

Grip Characteristics

The Feel of Crossline Plus ACE Gray

Each grip is designed to suit the different preferences of feel. Material, feedback, surface texture, tackiness, and grip taper are the key characteristics that help distinguish a grip's unique attributes.

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