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Ultra Comfortable. Ultra durable. Ultra Playable.

An ultra-comfortable alternative to polyurethane grips, the Comfort Plus is made of our rubber compound that is both soft and incredibly durable. A reduced-taper profile with a larger lower hand encourages the ideal light-pressure grip. And Lamkin’s proprietary Fingerprint Technology provides a shallow micro-texture for comfortable traction.


Feel is engineered into every aspect of Comfort Plus

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Expert instructor Stan Utley discusses how grips can improve your game and score.

Grip Characteristics

The Feel of Comfort Plus

Each grip is designed to suit the different preferences of feel. Material, feedback, surface texture, tackiness, and grip taper are the key characteristics that help distinguish a grip's unique attributes.

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Comfort Plus Reviews

Hear From Our Customers

  1. Designed to provide the same level of comfort as a polyurethane grip but with the enhanced feel of rubber, the Comfort Plus is also exceptionally durable. The same reduced-taper profile featured in the Sonar model with a larger lower section promotes less grip pressure and tension and faster swings. Micro-textures further enhance comfort and traction in all weather conditions.


  2. Previously I used Lamkin full cords because I play in the Southeast and my hands perspire profusely, but as time passed (I’m 72), my skin became more sensitive to the rougher grips. I tested the Comfort Plus at my club fitter last spring and subsequently ordered them on my new Ping 415 irons. Love them! Tacky enough in hot, humid weather, but easy on the hands. I’ve since put them on my hybrids and driver; can’t imagine a better grip.

    NY9642 (verified owner)

  3. This grip is by far my clients choice! They love it and recommend them to their friends…….
    Dave Freed
    Golf Professional
    DV Golf
    Akron, OH

    Dave Freed (verified owner)

  4. Nice, soft grip for larger hands or “chokers” of the club

    A nice, squishy grip for those of us that have larger hands or tend to choke or strangle the golf club when we swing. The softness of the grip really provides some forgiveness.


  5. +++

    Great feel and feedback from a oversized grip.




  7. Awesome Grips!!

    These grips are awesome, great feel. I used the fitting on the website and ordered midsize love the reduced taper and the grip feels great. I only have 2 clubs that aren’t using a Lamkin grip. One is the putter and the 2nd is a 3 wood that has a Winn grip. These are better made they feel great but you can see and feel the quality these grips are going last much longer than a Winn grip.


  8. Best grip period

    This is my favorite grip period!!! Have tried numerous grips and have been hunting a new grips to replace an obsolete grip and I have found it!!!


  9. Awesome Grips, Great Service from Lamkin!

    If you like soft grips with lots of tack these are AWESOME! My new favorite grip! Played in the rain last week and they were great wet as well!


  10. Great new grips. Comfort and tackiness is. great

    Really like this grip. Have a couple other new Lambkin grips and I am now a Lambkin customer.


  11. Comfort plus mid

    Really like these grips heard you on pga tour radio

    Supa Dave

  12. Nice grip

    Hey I really love this grip

    Super Dave

  13. I loved these grips.

    Was using Winn grips and hated them in the rain; lost tackiness and were just bad. I went to Bandon Dunes and it rained for 2 days. These grips never lost tackiness. Loved them. Get these grips if you like comfort, tackiness and great wear.

    Dr. Wolff

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