High Performance Golf Grips by Lamkin  

Since 1925 Lamkin has engineered the highest quality grips in golf. Our reputation for unrivaled excellence is thanks to world-class engineering and design, premium materials and handcrafted, repeatable production techniques.

Regardless of a player’s skill level, Lamkin has a high-performance golf grip that will complement and improve his or her game. We have an array of exciting products in both the full swing and putter categories. This includes the new ST (Smooth Tack) family and the introduction of Calibrate Technology, which features the most prominent reminder spine of any grip ever produced by Lamkin to help optimize hand placement, club face awareness, control and feel, for better shot-making and lower scores.

We pride ourselves on providing an extensive array of options, including specialty golf grips, so that everyone can find something that will help them play better and have more fun.