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    SAN DIEGO, November 16, 2011

    It’s universally known that to find the best-fitting shoes, one must first know their shoe size. Such should be the case when finding the right fit for a golf grip, but few people know what size to request when they walk in a store. Fortunately that is about to change with the introduction of Lamkin Grips’ custom Grip Fitting Center. Currently being installed in more than 70 GolfSmith stores nationwide, this new interactive display is designed to educate consumers about the benefits of custom-fit grips, and encourage them to re-grip clubs at their favorite golf shop. Like the easily recognizable foot measuring device all shoe stores use, this golf grip sizing system measures two factors: hand size and finger length. Those two measurements then are used to identify a golfer’s optimal grip size for comfort and performance. Designed to grab customers’ attention with colorful grip choices and engage them with a hands-on sizing system, Lamkin’s new interactive display takes the guess work out of finding the ideal grip size. Already renowned for its custom fitting expertise and experiential retail environment, GolfSmith has secured the new standing display designed to hold 10 unique grip sizes, more than half of which require installation customization at the retail level. The endcap display truly pops with the addition of Lamkin’s latest assortment of bold grip colors including new Neon Purple, Neon Pink, as well as their Electric Blue, Orange and Yellow R.E.L. 3GEN grips. “Grips are an overlooked but essential part of the customization and fitting formula,” explains John Gregg, Sr. Merchant at Golfsmith. “Every golf retailer knows how to measure and fit customers for the right shoe size, but stores were lacking the right grip sizing tools to present to customers. The Lamkin Grip Fitting Center finally solves that problem, and encourages a huge new base of golfers to consider re-gripping, perhaps for the first time.” Lamkin is also designing a countertop-size version of the simple and easy-to-use Grip Fitting Center for independent and smaller stores. The company also offers custom-designed Grip Fitting Centers for retailers upon request. Retailers interested in receiving more information on the fitting display can receive more information by e-mailing . For more information about Lamkin Grips, visit


    SAN DIEGO, September 12, 2011

    Lamkin Corporation, a leading manufacturer of premium golf grips, is finishing the 2011 PGA Tour regular season with a record 10 Tour wins, including first-place finishes at both the British Open and PGA Championship. "Lamkin grips continued to gain significant momentum with Tour players in 2011. Needless to say, I'm thrilled that the winners of the last two Majors were both using Lamkin grips!" said Bob Lamkin, President and CEO. Scoring a victory at the 2011 British Open, the winner of the tournament used the Sure-Tac Classic Half-Cord, a grip exclusively manufactured for Tour players. Made of Lamkin's highly durable synthetic rubber, the Sure-Tac was the inspiration for the top-selling 85th Anniversary Sure-Tac grip. The Sure-Tac family of gris is both tacky and firm, providing great feel and exceptional torsion rigidity. The winner of the PGA Championship used one of Lamkin's best-selling and most popular grips, gaining his PGA Championship win with the classic Crossline Full-Cord. One of the most popular grips among Tour players, the Crossline Full-Cord is the ultimate high-traction, wet-weather golf grip. In 2011, Lamkin cord grips were the most popular full-cord golf grips on the PGA Tour. Mr. Lamkin continued, "Lamkin has a very loyal following of Tour players currently using our golf grips. We're extremely proud of our expanded success with Tour players, but we're just as focused on providing the same level of service and extensive selection of performance-enhancing grips to the millions of worldwide golfers who aren't playing on the Tour."


    SAN DIEGO, August 22, 2011

    Lamkin Corporation, a leading manufacturer of premium golf grips, proudly selects Golf National Pty. as its new distributor for the Australia market. Lamkin, in announcing the appointment, emphasized the importance of Australia to its global after-market business strategy. Lamkin chose Golf National because of its superior marketing plans, extensive network of shipping points and personal relationships with thousands of golf professionals throughout the country. "Golf National will be very active in building an even stronger brand presence for Lamkin Grips in Australia. With 10 dedicated sales reps providing unsurpassed service and support, Golf National is ideally suited to support our goal of penetrating all regions of this very important market." said Bob Lamkin, President and CEO. Golf National, headquartered in Queensland, operates four distribution facilities throughout Australia. They are a leading distributor of shafts, golf grips, tees and accessories. Commenting on their new relationship with Lamkin Grips, Golf National's CEO, Trevor Nash, said "The Lamkin brand has a tremendous history in the golf industry and is synonymous with uncompromising quality. We're thrilled to add this best-in-class line to our assortment of premium golf products". Lamkin Grip's VP of Sales, Peter Brown, added, "Trevor and Simon Nash have impressive ideas for growing the Lamkin business in Australia. The Golf National marketing plan is thorough and we are confident in their ability to execute it fully. This partnership will ensure that golfers throughout Australia will enjoy improved access to the full portfolio of Lamkin grips."


    SAN DIEGO, August 17, 2011

    Lamkin Corporation, a leading manufacturer of premium golf grips, has opened a direct relationship with Brittain Wynyard & Co Ltd; naming the distributor its partner for sales and marketing in New Zealand. Lamkin expands its global reach tapping one of New Zealand's largest distributors of sporting goods. Brittain, Wynyard & Co serves the country's golf industry with the most extensive sales service team and superior logistics. "We are strongly focused on expanding the after-market segment of our business throughout the world. Our partnership with Brittain Wynyard & Co gives Lamkin Grips with the ideal infrastructure to significantly deepen our penetration in this region." said Bob Lamkin, President and CEO. The highly respected distributor has a distinguished history of effectively promoting and distributing top tier sports equipment throughout New Zealand. "We're very excited to strengthen our partnership with Lamkin, and look forward to providing all New Zealand golfers with access to the industry's top performing golf grips," said Golf Division Manager, Sam Sullivan Lamkin Grip's VP of Sales, Peter Brown, added, "With three dedicated service reps, supported by world class logistics, Brittain, Wynyard has excellent coverage in New Zealand. We have every confidence that our new relationship will dramatically accelerate Lamkin's growth in this region." Lamkin Grips, a family owned company since 1925, consistently delivers the highest quality, most game-enhancing and best feeling golf grips. With the industry's broadest assortment of styles, surface patterns, textures and sizes, Lamkin gives players at every level a better feel for their game. Their history of excellence has made Lamkin the chosen golf grip of nearly every premium club manufacturer, as well as millions of casual, avid and professional golfers around the world. For more company and product information, go to or call (800) 642-7755


    SAN DIEGO, March 18, 2011

    As a co-sponsor of the 2011 San Diego Inter-Collegiate Championship, held at the San Diego Country Club on March 14-15, Lamkin Grips kicked off its new collegiate initiative by offering premium grips and grip installation to all members of the 12 teams in attendance. Lamkin's College Support Program provides free golf grips to all coaches of Division I and II college teams. "I'm passionate about this program because it allows us to give something back to the players and coaches who work so hard to maintain the integrity of this great game," said CEO Bob Lamkin. Lamkin Grips is an equal opportunity provider. Its newest initiative is available to any eligible Division I and II women's golf teams as well. Coaches who are interested in receiving new grips can select from any of Lamkin's current grips and then send their request directly to Maintaining and upgrading a player's grips is a critical component for all golfers, but is especially important at the collegiate level with such a high number of rounds played. At last weekend's San Diego Intercollegiate Classic, where local powers San Diego State (ranked No. 6 nationally) and the University of San Diego (No. 19) finish third and fourth, respectively, the field was ripe for an opportunity that only Lamkin Grips could provide. "We're always trying to educate golfers on the importance of regripping," said Lamkin. "After 50-60 rounds, or about once a year for most golfers, clubs should be regripped. At the collegiate level, players are regripping much more often. Providing free grips to their coaches is a great bonus!" Lamkin Corporation, a privately owned company headquartered in San Diego, is a leading producer of premium golf grips. For over 85 years, Lamkin has crafted superior grips that provide golfers with an enhanced playing experience. This history of excellence has made Lamkin the chosen grip of nearly every club manufacturer and golfers throughout the world. For more company and product information, go to Lamkin


    SAN DIEGO, January 13, 2011

    The Lamkin Corporation, a leading manufacturer of premium golf grips, is very pleased to announce key additions to its executive leadership team. Dave Claas, who joined the Lamkin Corporation in 2007, was promoted to President and will assume responsibility over day-to-day operations in their San Diego headquarters, as well as manufacturing facilities in both China and Mexico. In addition to over 16 years of engineering, product development and manufacturing experience, Claas has led high-functioning production teams throughout Asia and Latin America. Under his leadership, Lamkin has achieved significant growth in the OEM segment of the golf grip category. "I am thrilled to promote Dave Claas to this position. Much of Lamkin's recent success can be attributed to Dave's ability to build highly productive and efficient manufacturing networks. With Dave overseeing day-to-day operations, I will remain focused on strategic growth opportunities and business development initiatives to drive continued expansion of the Lamkin brand," said Bob Lamkin, CEO. Lamkin is also pleased to announce the hiring of a new Vice President of Sales, Peter Brown. Brown brings with him an impressive 30 years of sales and marketing experience for top consumer electronics and high technology companies including Hitachi, Philips and Sanyo. His background includes both domestic and international leadership roles with oversight responsibility for numerous distribution models. With a consistent track record of expanding sales in intensely competitive business environments, Brown is a highly accomplished, customer-centric sales leader. His responsibilities for the Lamkin Corporation will focus on worldwide OEM and after-market sales functions. Also joining the Lamkin team is Kerri Kauffman, the company's new Sr. Director of Marketing. Kauffman has devoted the majority of her 15 years of marketing and product management experience to the sports industry. Prior to joining Lamkin, Kauffman spent over a decade with The Upper Deck Company and executed major product development, athlete acquisition, licensing and marketing programs that helped drive significant sales growth in their baseball, football, hockey and golf business units. In addition to overseeing all of Lamkin's marketing communications, Kauffman is also responsible for providing support to the expanded sales team and leading product development initiatives. "Peter and Kerri are tremendous additions to the Lamkin organization and will play a vital role in helping us achieve sustained growth in the golf grip category", said new President Dave Claas. CEO Bob Lamkin added, "This is an exciting time for Lamkin. We're adding new resources so that we can continue to expand our business." The promotion of Dave Class, and the addition of Peter Brown and Kerri Kauffman, complete the executive management team that also includes VP of Finance, Adam Colton, and Director of China Operations, Steve Tallman. Lamkin Corporation, a privately owned company headquartered in San Diego, is a leading producer of premium golf grips. For over 85 years, Lamkin has crafted superior grips that provide golfers with an enhanced playing experience. This history of excellence has made Lamkin the chosen grip of nearly every club manufacturer and golfers throughout the world. For more company and product information, go to or call (800) 642-7755.