FLAT CAT® Putter Grips

FLAT CAT® Putter Grips

For a limited time, 20% OFF all FLAT CAT Solution putter grips. The revolutionary FLAT CAT putter grip puts the face of the putter in the palm of your hand. Each side of the FLAT CAT grip is in a parallel plane with the putter face, allowing every golfer to establish a personal feel with the face of their putter no matter what their putting style – traditional, left-hand low, saw, claw and more. Available in five sizes to ensure the best personal feel for every golfer, including the NEW Svelte model. FREE SHIPPING on all FLAT CAT Putter Grips.

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Very good grip but, be careful of the size yo...
I purchased a 'Standard' size when they first came out and it is quite large in the cross section. P...
outstanding improved control of the putter face
Words can't describe how good...
Just finished first round with Flat Cat... if I didn't see it I would not have believed it... was po...
Love it!!! Having putted with it for a few hours, I think it'll be worth at least two shots a round...
The Chuckster
Outstanding putter grip without losing feel!!...
I just put the Flat Cat on to play Pnehurst #7 and I was amazed at how square it kept my stroke, esp...
Great feel, better putting stroke.
I put one of these on last night and hit a few put around the house. All I can say is wow, totally u...
An excellent choice for alignment help
I have always been a decent putter, my biggest issue is alignment. I found this grip while searching...
Major Improvement
Flat Cat had a major improvement on my putts per round. I'm very satisfied with the results. So cool...
Best grip on the market
Recently put the standard grip on my putter and absolutely love it. I have never hit so many putts w...
Awesome putter grip
This is the best putter grip by far. The second day I practiced with putting with my flat cat on I d...
Great grip
It has help me cut 3 strokes off my score by keeping the putter face square
John L.
Comfortable grip
The grip felt comfortable in my hands from the first minute. I had sub 30 putting rounds 2-3 times s...
John W.
Very pleased
I am very pleased with this putter grip!
Anthony C.
I like this Putter Grip
I like this Putter Grip a lot!
Don C.
I love it
Shot 2 under the first time I used it. The grip wouldn't let my wrist break down and I felt I was go...
Jack D.
I like it
Really helps to keep wrists locked to avoid pushing or pulling.
Stephen B.
No change in my putting
Dave C.
Like it a lot
Like it a lot have recommended to several people
William M.
Still getting use to it but definitely improving putting by keeping left hand square to stroke
Robert A.
Putting better
I think I dropped at least 6 strokes off my handicap, my putting is so much better
Jill W.
Great grip
Love the Flat Cat Grip. Really helps you concentrate keeping your follow thru hand square and thru t...
Michael M.
Was missing most putts from 10Ft or less. making about 60% of the putts. Has turned my game around. ...
Victor B.
I would never use any other grip than my FLATCAT!!!
Bryan B.
Flat cat
I didn't find any different results with my putting while using the flat cat
Mark F.
Has improved my putting
Has improved my putting by at least three strokes gained per round.
Casimir M.
Love the Flat Cat Grip
My putting has improved by 75% since installing the FLAT CAT grip. Friends who I golf with ask me wh...
William P.
Solid Grip
If you are a good putter and want to get better, yep get a Flat Cat Grip
Mike B.
Fat Cat Flaco
Love this grip brings my hands together still need to work on my speed and line when it's right it's...
Enrique H.
The feel is great.
The feel is great. Helps me keep the putter face square
Doug K.
Love this grip
My hands are large, but not extra large, like a basketball player. I've tried the larger round putti...
Robert Y.
I thought it would not make a difference in my alignment but boy was I wrong. Best purchase i have m...
Robert B.
Best golf purchase in years
The Flat Cat has allowed me to sink more putts from 10ft than I had ever made before, Two putts have...
Sheldon C.
Great grip
works great, feels good, easy to put on
Ronald L.
Best Grip Ever
Grip lets me feel very strong face control, and I feel like I stay square. Highly recommend.
Peter K.
Great feel
Great hockey stick feel. Thought of these years ago being a hockey player.
Rink i.
More of a gimmik
I have had the "Fat" version now for app. 10 weeks. There is an adjustment period to it. I...
Jim F.
Improved putting
I've gone from a 2 handicap to a zero! I now make most of my putts inside 6 feet and always will kno...
I love the feel in my hands. It's almost impossible not to square the putter face. It has eliminated...
William W.
It works!!
This grip is exactly as advertised. It made a difference in my putting from the first round. The onl...
Dan P.
Love it
Love it
Francis M.
From bogies to pars
Within 10 feet this grip has been a game changer for me. I would highly recommend this to any golfer...
David S.
Love this grip
Love this grip. It does exactly what it claims. First weekend I used it, my putting was significantl...
Mike M.
Love this grip
I love this grip, I purchased one for my ping and Scotty Cameron putter's.
Jerry M.
Flat Cat is awesome!
I got the larger flat cat grip. Love how my putter is always square to path! Just have to work on my...
Glenn P.
Excellent Product!
Back of left hand is kept flat to target line. It really helps, just as advertised. More of the 10 f...
Jon E.
Really helped my alignment...making more
Really helped my alignment...making more puts (:
Patrick K.
Flat Cat putter grip
I have only played with it twice but I love how it feels in my hands, the guys that i was playing wi...
Randy G.
Not so Handsey
I wish I could have felt the different sizes because I probably should have gotten the FAT instead o...
John B.
wonderful grip!
outstanding...have a much better feel for the putter face and confidence on the short ones!
Ryan T.
Optimizes alignment
The flat grip helps me keep the putter face square to the hole and gives me more confidence at impac...
Todd G.
Love the Flat Cat
Felt and looked great the first time i put it in my hands! Feeling confident on the greens. Great fe...
Dave H.
Flat cat grip
Don't expect miracles! First round with it had four 3 putts and that's very uncharacteristic for me....
Ron W.
Better than Super Stroke
This grip is amazing! The feel is superb and with the options on how to put this on your putter will...
Bob H.
Good Grip
I bought the Flat Cat Big Boy to replace a Winn Jumbo. The Jumbo weights 127 grams. The Flat Cat 103...
Gregory T.
Best Ever
Best putter grip I've ever used. Started saving me strokes from the first round I used it.
David T.
Great new idea.
Great product. It really keeps the putter face square. This could help anyone who is having trouble ...
Alfred B.
The CATS in the bag!!
"I carry a single digit hc,Golf is all about the putt, this FLAT CAT works, I've used the other...
feels fabulous love it!
this could be a super innovation
Michael M.
Flat Cat is Solid
I was originally skeptical about the grip, it made sense, but I wasn't sold. After using the Flat Ca...
Chris S.
Griffith G.
Easy to Align
Haven't had a chance to use it yet but it really seems to be easy to align the putter face.
David D.
All about alignment
Used the Flat Cat for two rounds -- really does help align your putter head at "address" a...
Duane D.
Great product
Great product
Antonio T.
Awesome grip!!!
Already posted 2 low scores - confidence is building - and more putts going in. Love it.
Kyle R.
just feels so comfortable. Gives me confidence that I am going to make the putt!!
William C.
Flat Cat is Automajic!
Flat Cat is Automajic! Where have you been all my life...love it! Thank you!!
Billy V
Great product but even better
Great product but even better customer service. I already feel the difference in my putting.
John O.
Install any putter grip with the flat cat side facing the target. Brilliant! Save your money.
looks awesome!
The corsshair can help to nail the target!
Makes perfect sense!
Billy V.
Very Clever
Just ordered mine. Cant wait.
Tony F.
Sink 'em all
It just feels good. Feel the face and trust it. I am a believer.
Mike B.
Flat cat
Pretty nice skipper going to order two
Ronnie Williams

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