GRIPES Grip Wipes

GRIPES Grip Wipes

Keep your golf grips looking and feeling like new with Lamkin GRIPES grip cleaning wipes. Formulated specifically for golf grips, GRIPES wipes quickly remove dirt and grime from your grips and reactivate surface tackiness.



Buy these. Grips like new
Very Useful
Very useful. It does an excellent job of cleaning grips and keeping them tacky. (Grips last much lon...
Captain Hook
Easy to use
These grip wipes work very well. They are easy to use. With one or two passes, your grips are clean ...
Very pleased
husband used it to clean the golf grips of my son's clubs & was very pleased. Removed a lot of t...
Rachel Sang...
Work great
These work great at pulling dirt, grease and anything else off of your golf grips. One wipe (of the ...
Kevin 79
Work wonderfully
These work wonderfully and are a nice upkeep product to use in between grip cleanings.
OK, but not worth the money. 409 works better.
Paul C Andersen
Work as advertised
They work as advertised. Worth picking up and storing in your bad just in case you find yourself pla...
Highly recommended
Use these to keep my white (and one red) grips looking new. I use only two wipes to clean all 13 of ...
They do great, the wife thought they were wet wipes and told me they were horrible, as I agreed bcuz...
Willie of Virginia
They do a great job....
I got seriously weary of constantly replacing grips. Most of the time the wear and tear was from the...
Restore that tacky feeling
These wipes definitely restore that tacky feeling to the grips, and you can see the rubbish that the...
Michael Brown
So much easier
So much easier than the old "wet, scrub, rinse, wipe dry" method that seemed to take forev...
Prefer this method
Got em quick and as described, have already used them and will prefer this method to the scrubbing a...
j Michael Lawler
Beats soap and water
Kind of surprised at how well this product works. Beats soap and water or just a wet towel. Easy to ...

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