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Lamkin Grips: An unrivaled legacy.
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Tour Preferred
Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer

For more than 60 years, Arnold Palmer has trusted his game to Lamkin Grips. While golf’s greatest legend loves the feel of a traditional wrap-style grip, Mr. Palmer is also well-known for equipment tinkering and has experimented with nearly every new grip Lamkin has made. Most recently, he has been testing Lamkin’s super-tacky, and slightly softer, Crossline ACE.

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Justin Rose

Justin Rose has amassed an impressive list of victories since his professional debut in 1998, including the US Open title in 2013. While much of his equipment has changed over the last 16 years, one thing has remained constant: his Lamkin golf grips. Currently using the R.E.L. ACE grip, Justin has an excellent grip on his game, “I absolutely love the ACE material because it’s tacky and very comfortable, but I’ve still got tremendous grip stability and control”.

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Keegan Bradley

“I’ve played Crossline Full-Cord grips for as long as I can remember because nothing compares to the level of control and traction I get from this grip,” raved Keegan Bradley of the Crossline grip he’s played for his entire professional career. While some players may experiment with the latest and greatest grip technology, Keegan has remained loyal to the classic, high-traction feel of his Crossline Full-Cord grip.

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Miguel Ángel Jiménez

With an incredible 21 European Tour victories, and the enviable title of The Most Interesting Man in Golf, Miguel Ángel Jiménez is one of the game’s most watched and admired players. Within hours of trying Lamkin’s new Wrap-Tech grip on just one club, Miguel had all of his clubs regripped with Wrap-Tech. When asked what he liked about the grip, he said “It’s so incredibly tacky and comfortable, but the torsion-control is also excellent.” Wrap-Tech is made with Lamkin’s super-tacky ACE material and features a Double-Helix surface texture designed for enhanced grip comfort and control.

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Brandt Snedeker

Like dozens of other Tour players, Brandt Snedeker has used Crossline grips for most of his professional career.  When asked about his grip, Brandt made it clear that he’s found a perfect fit with Crossline, “I’ve tried different grips, but I keep coming back to the Crossline. It’s a classic pattern that provides great feedback and control no matter where I’m playing.

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Brendan Steele

A consistent Top-100 PGA Tour player, Brendan Steele knows a thing or two about high-performance equipment. Brendan’s shot control and consistency is a testament to the confidence he has in his trusty Crossline Full-Cord grips. “The grip is just so durable and maintains the same, great feel round after round. That consistent feel helps me use the same light-pressure grip for every shot.”

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