The patented ACE material delivers long lasting
surface tack and unmatched shock absorption.
ACE ® Technology
Independent test results show the superior surface tack of the ACE material

See how well ACE does in the lab so you can crush it on the course

Ask any teaching pro. Too much grip pressure leads to too much tension, which leads to – well, nothing good.

But a tackier grip provides you with a confident connection without unnecessary grip pressure. The result: less tension in the hands, arms and swing for longer and more consistent shots. In the end, isn’t that why you play?

Lamkin's Advanced Cohesive Elastomer is a proprietary synthetic rubber compound created by Lamkin chemists to deliver the highest level of surface tackiness and shock absorption. A better material to help you play better golf.

Grips that feature the ACE technology


A super-tacky grip featuring dual surface textures for maximum comfort and control.

UTx and UTx Wrap

A revolutionary multi-layer grip that takes all-weather performance and great-feeling playability to a new extreme.


A versatile super-tacky grip with a light surface pattern that feels as good as it looks, available in a broad range of colors and sizes

Crossline ACE

A super-tacky grip with a high-traction surface providing slip-free confidence
in all weather conditions.