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    The correct grip size is crucial to control and confidence. You can save an estimated 3-4 strokes per round just by using the proper size grips.

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  • Find Your Grip Size

    Start by measuring your hand in 2 places. Enter the measurements below.

    Please provide your full hand length, and longest finger length below before proceeding.

    A)  Full Hand Length

    Distance between the dominant crease in your wrist and the tip of your longest finger

    B)  Longest Finger Length

    Length of your longest finger from base of the finger to the tip

  • Weather Conditions

    Do you play in mostly dry conditions? Or, do you play in wet and/or humid conditions? If you play without a glove and have wet/sweaty hands, select WET conditions.

    Please make a selection below before continuing

    Weather Conditions - Dry
    Weather Conditions - Combo
    Weather Conditions - Wet
  • Surface Texture

    A lighter surface pattern is smoother, provides more comfort and feels tackier. A heavier surface pattern offers more traction and promotes a slip-free connection with the club.

    Please make a selection below before continuing

    Surface Texture - Light Pattern
    Surface Texture - Medium Pattern
    Surface Texture - Heavy Pattern
  • Material Firmness

    A softer material is ideal for player's looking for extra comfort. A firmer grip promotes enhanced swing control and provides exceptional torque rigidity; typically preferred by players with a very high swing speed.

    Please make a selection below before continuing

    Material Firmness - Soft
    Material Firmness - Medium
    Material Firmness - Firm
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