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Tips from Bob Lamkin: Five Ways a Golf Grip Can Impact Your Game

Bob Lamkin, CEO Lamkin Grips

1. The Wrong Size Golf Grip Will Hurt Your Game

I recently read an article on that estimated more than 50% of golfers are using the wrong size grip.  If you’re reading this and haven’t yet measured your hand for the proper grip size, or been fitted by a professional, then chances are pretty high that you`re using the wrong size grip… and it`s probably costing you about five strokes! Lamkin is proud to offer the widest assortment of grip sizes in the industry.  We have made this investment in our portfolio because properly fit grips lead to better performance and increased enjoyment. For players using a grip that`s too large, hand movement is often restricted and can impact swing speed and shot distance.  On the other hand, if a player is using a grip that`s too small, hand movement is too pronounced which leads to inconsistent shots and difficulty hitting the ball straight.   In addition to hand size, players may consider physical limitations and swing mechanics when determining their ideal grip size. For more information on grip fitting, visit your local PGA Professional or use the Lamkin Interactive Grip Selector  

2. Tacky, Tacky, Tacky

This seems to be the adjective used most often to describe a really great golf grip.  From Tour players to weekend warriors, just about every golfer wants a golf grip that feels really tacky. Golf is one of the very few contexts in which “tacky” is used as a glowing endorsement. Let`s take a step back, though, and consider exactly how a tacky golf grip impacts a golfer`s performance.  The key benefit of increased grip tack is that it provides a stable, controlled connection between a player’s hands and their clubs. Essentially, it helps the club “stick” to a player’s hands.  Without grip tackiness, a golfer uses increased grip pressure to try to create that stable connection. What happens when a golfer is gripping their clubs too tight?  Too much grip tension leads to too much tension in a golfer`s wrists and forearms, prohibiting proper shoulder movement which inhibits swing speed… and shot distance. In essence, it is the tackiness of a grip that helps promote a light-pressure grip.  With a light-pressure grip, a player`s hands, wrists and forearms are relaxed and ideally positioned to generate optimal swing speed and ball distance.  

3. The Consistency Lesson

One of the most common regripping mistakes golfers make is replacing just one or two grips at a time.  There is a good reason why Tour players are emphatic about the consistency of their grips.  Getting just a couple of clubs regripped creates a dramatic “feel” difference between your clubs.  That difference typically requires a gripping adjustment from club to club, which can lead to inconsistent shots and inconsistent performance. To maintain swing consistency, it`s important that the condition Grip Tips